Conventioneers to leave Boston with more than a Hangover

democrat convention barbie 2000.jpgDuring the conventions of 2000, all the rage was about the Delegate Barbie distributed by Mattel to Conventiongoers. Democrats received a Red-dressed Barbie, while GOPsters' Barbie was dressed in Blue. It is a good thing the Sacramento Bee is on the story because our Special Correspondent to the California Delegation has been AWOL. Here's a sampling of what Golden Staters in Beantown got upon their arrival:

Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi Seat Cushions

Cruz Bustamante's Schwarzenegger-less Gold Medallion of State Elected Officials

As if they were going to be reading during the Convention, delegates got two books: Bushisms and Homegrown Democrat

And finally, NM Gov. Bill Richardson gave them a jar of Salsa.

Since we don't see any condoms on the list, we hope these are the only things Delegates bring back from Beantown.

Postcard from Boston: Win, then brag, says Feinstein [SacBee]

Convention 2000 Barbie - Democratic Convention [EBay]



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