Oh, look at the violence inherent in the system. Just shocking. Oh, oh so sad. The American government is oppressing a crusading journalist, just for making the government look bad. Thanks to the dumb stunt where he waded across the Rio Grande wearing an Osama bin Laden mask, Great American Journalist James O'Keefe is now subject to additional scrutiny whenever he flies into the USA from abroad (no, he's not actually on the No-Fly list). As we all know, that video proved that America has completely open borders, and further journalisming by O'Keefe proved that we're also subject to attack by Ebola-carrying Ninjas.

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Between December and June, O'Keefe found himself getting pulled aside for extra attention whenever he came into a U.S. port of entry, because, he says, he is being targeted by Homeland Security in retaliation for having embarrassed them so bad! He says that the last time this happened, June 22, Customs and Border Protection agents confirmed that he was being singled out as "retribution" for his brave expose of our wide-open borders:

“I’m telling you that each time you go through here you will need to give an extra hour, because we will do this each time,” is O’Keefe’s immediate recollection of what he was told by a CBP agent after his latest detention. This statement was in response to being grilled by the agent about videos O’Keefe had previously released highlighting a lack of security at our southern and northern borders.

How bad is this? It is exactly like the Soviet Union, is what it is exactly like! Except that O'Keefe hasn't been sent to a gulag and forced to eat rat feces, and he is kind of a convicted breaking-into-a-senator's office for unknown nefarious purposes-er, too, so it stands to reason that DHS might want to keep an eye on someone with a criminal record who brags about his ability to infiltrate both the northern and southern borders.

O'Keefe's website cites a Very Concerned Blogpost by Jonathan Turley -- the sorta-liberal law professor who represented John Boehner in the House's dumb impeachment-replacing lawsuit against the Obama administration -- to prove that he is so very oppressed that even liberals are outraged at this unconstitutional targeting of a journalist who was just doing his job ... and filming himself doing something illegal, but it's OK, because it was Free Speech. We suppose we should be very upset about the civil-liberties implications of James O'Keefe being hauled off for additional questioning every time he flies back into the USA, but we keep giggling too much. Besides, as Donald Trump keeps telling us, we have to be careful about who we allow into this great country of ours.

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