Cookie Monster Is A Neo-Nazi Now, Thanks Obama


Generally, we are totally down with the educational efforts of Sesame Street because we are scumbag left-wing propaganda-perpetrating liberals who think that teaching kids that war kind of sucks and that gay people are OK is a thing worth teaching. Also, too, we are super into the fact that FLOTUS shows up on there all the time to talk about cool things like growing your own vegetables.

Weirdly, we are not so in love with Sesame Street when it is co-opted by neo-Nazis to put a friendly face on race war and how Adolf Hitler was a cool dude, but seems that some German folk have adopted Cookie Monster as their new recruitment tool.

In the latest incident Neo Nazi Steffen Lange, 31, dressed as the popular children’s TV character, walked into a school in Senftenberg, in the German state of Brandenburg, and together with another Neo-Nazi handed out pamphlets to children.

If there was ever an argument for locked-down schools, it might be that it would prevent beloved children's teevee characters from coming in and telling kids that Hitler was the best.

Apparently, this has not been an isolated incident.

A police spokesman also confirmed that the Sesame Street character was increasingly being abused as a symbol of the far right seen in Brandenburg and in particular in helping to recruit children and to get them interested in the right-wing scene.

One of the images found on the Internet shows the cookie monster with Adolf Hitler and other admirers under the caption: 'Who ate my biscuit'.

We do not even know what the hell that means and also too it is "cookie," goddammit. He's not the Biscuit Monster. We made him right here in America, and in 'Merica we eat cookies, so Cookie Monster it is.

We're mostly befuddled by how anyone came up with the idea that Cookie Monster, of all Muppets, was the best choice. Is it because he shovels all the food in his mouth, much like Hitler wanted to shove Europe into his? Is it because cookies are baked in an oven and oh hell no we are not going there.

Let's wash the taste of Nazi-flavored Cookie Monster out of our brains with a nice Cookie Monster video where he sings about how you should share your cookies to the tune of "Call Me Maybe."

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