Cooper Opens Big

Nice TieWe had doubted one could turn the Matt and Judy show into a movie -- too much emailing, not enough meeting in parking garages -- but there has been a thrilling conclusion: Testifying this afternoon, Cooper told the court that he "went to bed ready to accept" jail time, he even "hugged my son good-bye and told him it might be a long time before I see him again." Hankies out, yes?

BUT THEN... (cue John Williams score) shortly before his appearance he received "'in somewhat dramatic fashion' a direct personal communication from his source freeing him from his commitment to keep the source's identity secret." Hugs! Slo-mo!

Of course, we'll have to come up with some backstory as to why Cooper didn't ask his source (Karl Rove) to call him a year ago, back when his source (Karl Rove) signed the written document that released Cooper from keeping the source's (Karl Rove's) identity secret.* Also, why didn't Karl call Judy?** Maybe Karl Rove is just unbelievably cruel! Or maybe he has points on the backend of "The Matt Cooper Story."

*This is apparently what happened with this Scooter Libbey character.

**One obvious answer? Karl wasn't her source.

Time Reporter to Testify in CIA Leak Case [AP]


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