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Crazy Racist Asshole Who Used To Be NYC Mayor Can Go F**k Himself

Rudy Giuliani's 'common sense' is just batshit racism.

Rudy Giuliani is the Penguin of Black people's rogues gallery. We have more serious foes, but he's an annoying and persistent threat. Whenever Black people are hurting, he likes to tell us how much we suck and waddle away while twirling his machine gun umbrella. Here's an especially gross remark he made in 2016:

There's too much violence in the black community ... [I]f you want to deal with this on the black side, you've got to teach your children to be respectful to the police and you've got to teach your children that the real danger to them is not the police; the real danger to them, 99 out of 100 times, 9,900 out of 1,000 times, are other black kids who are gonna kill them. That's the way they're gonna die.

Giuliani wasn't bestowed a white hood and Grand Dragon designation after insulting literally the entire Black community. No, he was still permitted to openly stink up polite society. Giuliani is real mad now because the Black Lives Matter movement, which he loathes, has grown in prominence and respect, while his stint as Donald Trump's hack lawyer has pissed away whatever undeserved reputation he might've had.

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Right Wing Extremism

North Carolina Cops Share Fantasy Of Killing Black People In Coming Civil War, Get Fired

Naturally, they say they're not racist.

Three Wilmington, North Carolina, police officers have been fired after being caught on tape having a wildly racist conversation about how they just can't wait to have a big ol' civil war so they can kill Black people with impunity.

Cpl. Jessie Moore and officers Kevin Piner and Brian Gilmore were recorded on video complaining that their department only cared about "kneeling down with the Black folks" and using a bunch of racist and homophobic slurs. Piner later started talking about his plans to buy an assault rifle for the coming "civil war" because of how he can't wait to "slaughter" Black people. The recording was reported to the brass by a sergeant whose job it was to listen to the tapes.

These are the people who have, or had, been charged with protecting the people of Wilmington, North Carolina, 17.9 percent of which is Black. It's unknown exactly how long they've been on the force (though Moore, being a corporal, would have had to have been there for a while, but given the intensity of the discussion, it seems unlikely that this is the first time their racist bullshit has come up.

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Let’s Watch Kamala Harris Slap John Cornyn Upside The Head For Five Minutes

Senate Democrats block Republicans’ BS police ‘reform’ bill.

Senate Republicans offered a piddly-ass bill that gently, but not too strongly, encouraged police departments to “revise their practices," which in a total coincidence keep resulting in dead Black folks. The police have proven no more capable of voluntarily reforming themselves than Keith Richards in the 1970s, so Senate Democrats blocked the bill today. Republicans are aghast: “But we thought you wanted meaningless reform that changes nothing but will make us look slightly less racist during an election year?"

The gentlewoman from California wasn't having it. Kamala Harris said the Senate can't pass a “police reform bill" that doesn't reasonably address the concerns of Black people, who the police are killing ... a lot. If Kamala's a cop, this was some hardcore “cop-on-cop" crime.

Kamala Harris schools John Cornyn on police reform www.youtube.com

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Conspiracy Theories

Oh Look It's The 'Paul Is Dead' George Floyd Conspiracy Theory :(

And this lady's running for Congress!

A no-chance Republican congressional candidate in Missouri would like America to calm down and stop it with the protests against police brutality, because you see George Floyd wasn't actually murdered by a Minneapolis cop kneeling on his neck. Nope, according to Dr. Winnie Heartstrong, Floyd actually died in 2016, which means the cellphone video showing Floyd's killing is nothing but a computer simulation! Doesn't everyone feel a little silly about all that unnecessary fuss, now?

Heartstrong, who's running against William Lacy Clay, the Democrat who since 2001 has consistently won his St Louis-based district by upwards of 70 percent of the vote, has even published a very professional looking scientific "report" of her "findings," cobbled together out of random facts, internet truther conspiracy theories, and pure speculation, all held together with a lot of Occam's Duct Tape.

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