Florida Adds 'Election Police' To List Of Reasons To Avoid Florida

Elections cops all set to respect Black people's rights just like regular cops do.

The Florida legislature, in a bid to steal the title of "national laboratory for bad government" from Texas's state Lege, voted Wednesday to give Gov. Ron DeSantis another item on his 2022 wish list. DeSantis pined in January for an entire law enforcement agency aimed at preventing election fraud, which is as extremely rare in Florida as anywhere else, and now he's got almost what he wanted, if downsized a bit.

DeSantis had requested that the Legislature spend $6 million to set up a new "Office of Election Crimes and Security," with a statewide staff of 53 employees and, we'd assume, full tactical gear so it can storm and subdue unruly voters who attempt to subvert the vote by giving water to old people waiting in line to vote. Instead, the Washington Post explains, the legislature gave him a $2.5 million squad that will have just 25 employees. The Post didn't offer details on what amount of the budget will be allocated to outfit each election cop with the most voter-intimidating mirrored sunglasses available.

As we noted when DeSantis first floated this awful idea, Florida's 2020 election fraud seems to have been limited to three retired folks from the Villages, all Republicans, who were charged with voting in both Florida and by absentee ballot in other states. We sure hope the new election cops can handle coming caseloads, with only eight or so cops per frauder instead of the 17 DeSantis wanted.

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Biden’s Gonna Fund The Police So Much They’ll Be Too Busy Counting Their Money To Kill Black People

It’s a bold move.

Perhaps the biggest bipartisan applause moment during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address that didn’t involve dragging Vladimir Putin came when he vowed to rain cool, hard cash on the police:

We should all agree: The answer is not to defund the police. It's to fund the police. Fund them. Fund them. Fund them with resources and training.

Everyone knows that the “Defund the Police” slogan is why George Floyd was murdered and Breonna Taylor was fatally shot in her own bed. Someone needed to stop the slogan before it killed again. White moderates who are at no risk from police violence have graciously offered some replacements like “Defund Police Brutality” or “Fund Police Accountability” or “Maybe Only Kill Half As Many Black People This Year.” Those are all greatly appreciated, but Biden didn’t actually unveil a new police reform slogan Tuesday night like an updated iPhone. He was more like Tim Cook shrugging and saying, “Let’s give that 1990s iMac another shot.”

I’m told that Biden was just doing that wonderful bipartisan triangulation where on the surface, he's directly appealing to white suburbanites but if you read between the lines and squint hard, what he’s really saying is, “We’re going to fix police violence with more resources and training.” The problem is that American law enforcement is systemically broken. If you fund additional resources and training for the mob, you can assume they’ll use it to become more efficient mobsters with flashier pinky rings. Sure, it’d be nice if they used that extra money to move away from their whacking lifestyle, but you don’t want to take that on faith.

PREVIOUSLY: Wow, This Crazy Violent Portland Police Training Slide Is ... Pretty Much What You’d Expect

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Right Wing Extremism

Are The Canadian Truckers Using Own Kids As Human Shields? Well If They Are, They Should Stop!

Ottawa PD could be making up some shit, it has definitely happened before.

Police in Ottawa have started arresting protesters in an effort to break up the rightwing "Freedom Convoy" today. Yesterday, police arrested two leaders of the occupation, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, and today, the BBC reports, police have set up nearly 100 checkpoints around the area near Parliament Hill, where the remaining protesters are still blocking roads even after a court ordered them to disperse.

In an alarming development, the Ottawa Police tweeted that the protesters had "put children between police operations and the unlawful protest site" and that the children "will be brought to a place of safety."

While a number of people replied that they hadn't seen any children in various livestreams of the protests, it's been known that there are kids there with their parents. Other Twitter replies noted that if people are willing to put their kids in danger by refusing to vaccinate, and by keeping them at a protest site that's been declared an illegal assembly, using them as human shield doesn't seem too far-fetched. On the other hand, "police making shit up" isn't completely outside the realm of possibility either. Once we have more information, we'll definitely update with additional details.

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Right Wing Extremism


The Canadian SCOTUS shall hear of this outrage!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked Canada's Emergencies Act to allow the national government temporary emergency powers to bring an end to wingnut truckers' blockades of border stations. Trudeau said it was necessary for the federal government to act:

"It is now clear that there are serious challenges to law enforcement's ability to effectively enforce the law," Trudeau told a news conference Monday afternoon.

"It is no longer a lawful protest at a disagreement over government policy. It is now an illegal occupation. It's time for people to go home."

The truckers and hangers-on have blocked traffic at major border crossings, caused hundreds of millions of dollars of economic disruption, snarled traffic in Ottawa, harassed residents for wearing masks and for not being white, constantly blown their big damn truck horns in neighborhoods, and called for an end to all anti-COVID health measures and for Trudeau's resignation. The disorder has been loudly supported — rhetorically and financially — by US rightwingers, who wish America could please have similar chaos too.

We should note that in saying it's time for this idiocy to end, Trudeau didn't even call the occupiers "patriots" or say that he loved them very much. How divisive!

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