Cops On Internet Forum Love Watching NYPD Assault Protesters

So there's this Internet forum for police officers called "," and you supposedly have to be a police officer to register for the site. (How do the administrators prove this? Probably by making sure the registration application has enough spelling errors and grammar disasters and obvious disregard for following the law.) And these alleged police grunts think it's hee-larious that unemployed Americans are legally protesting the economic system in this country. It's especially a yuk-yukwhen cops beat up young girls and gas people for simply standing on a sidewalk in Manhattan. Let's review some of these donut-munchers' tough-guy-on-the-Internet bullshit, and hope they all learn the meaning of "public sector layoff" very soon.

Thanks much to Wonkette tipster "Joshua" for sending this obnoxious trash. We'll include some screenshots so you can see it's all for real, as the website will surely either block public access or just delete the whole thread by morning. Thugs!

  • JasperMT Those are great, the creaming kids are a hoot. I'm going to watch some more during football breaks. I'd love to see fire hoses employed, it would clean them up and clear the streets and sidewalks for traffic. We'd miss out on the entertainment though.
  • crass cop Yeah...I love how the chick just falls to her knees and starts screaming! I saw a guy do that when I went through the OC instructors wasnt pretty
  • mikey medic LOL, those POOR protesters....i'll lite a candle.
  • Marine 0083 Hopefully the scent of OC covers up that pachuli oil crap. WTF is up with that stuff anyway?
  • reils49 I thought that NYPD Lt. did a nice takedown on that kid in the orange shirt.
  • options open They seem to be protesting against.... well, everything. At one point they were chanting about unnecessary government spending. I found it ironic considering myself and probably a hundred other officers there because of them were on overtime. ChaChing! Please keep protesting... I could use the money!!
  • Big Will I got 14 hours cash money off those savages. Hopefully they can keep it going for a few more weeks my gas guzzling SUV needs new tires.
  • EmmaPeel Fricken communists. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.



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