Cornel West Heartbroken Over Obama's Wall Street Warmongering


Dr. Cornel West campaigned like crazy for Barack Obama. You may recall, back in 2007, Obama had this problem with black people: They didn't really buy his act. They liked Hillary, the tragic wife of America's first white black president. And it took a lot of endorsements from respected black scholars and politicians and cultural figures to win black people over to Obama's side. Cornel West was one of these people. He campaigned all over for Barry. And now he's heartbroken.

Chris Hedges writes on TruthDig:

“And even at this moment, when the empire is in deep decline, the culture is in deep decay, the political system is broken, where nearly everyone is up for sale, you say all I have is the subversive memory of those who came before, personal integrity, trying to live a decent life, and a willingness to live and die for the love of folk who are catching hell. This means civil disobedience, going to jail, supporting progressive forums of social unrest if they in fact awaken the conscience, whatever conscience is left, of the nation. And that’s where I find myself now.

“I have to take some responsibility,” he admits of his support for Obama as we sit in his book-lined office. “I could have been reading into it more than was there.

“I was thinking maybe he has at least some progressive populist instincts that could become more manifest after the cautious policies of being a senator and working with [Sen. Joe] Lieberman as his mentor ...”

Hah, yes, maybe! We all hoped that! [TruthDig]


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