Trump Claims Lifelong Catholic Joe Biden Will Steal Christmas

Also that he will listen to scientists instead of stealing their lunch money, like a sucker.

Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in Nevada yesterday -- yes, another rally! he is doing very many of them! in a state he has only a 13 percent chance of winning! -- told a crowd of future Typhoid Marys all about all of the dreadful things Joe Biden will do if elected 0resident of the United States of America.

For one, Biden will listen to scientists, which is very bad, Trump explained, because scientists are a bummer. Come on guys, who do you want? The guy who listens to those nerds, which would allow us to return to relative normalcy much more quickly, or the guy who will shove the nerds into lockers and take their lunch money?

Coronavirus: Trump says U.S. would see massive depression if he “listened totally to the scientists"

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Yes, We’re Gonna ‘86’ The MFer. WITH VOTES.

More sad desperation from the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump is big on projection, so it's not surprising, though still repulsive, that his campaign would accuse Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer of putting a hit on him.

Trump has joined his followers in calling for Whitmer's imprisonment because she actually governed during COVID-19 instead of ignoring the pandemic. These morons have started chanting “Lock her up!" not even two weeks after rightwing thugs were arrested for planning to kidnap her and put her “on trial" (i.e. murder her maybe). But what is she complaining about? She's just as bad, says the Trump campaign.

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Why Did Democrats Make This NC Republican Assault A Poll Worker?

'Partisan tensions are high.'

In North Carolina this morning, Gary Pendleton, 73, a certified Republican poll observer, was so filled with a sense of mission that he demanded he be allowed inside an early voting site in Wake Forest. Mr. Pendleton, a former state legislator and a former Wake County commissioner, became enraged when a poll worker — the site's chief judge, in fact — told Pendleton he couldn't enter the polling place until it opened at 8 a.m. So when the poll worker blocked the door, Pendleton gave him a good shove, as one does when mighty affairs of state are on the line.

Pendleton told the Washington Post that he'd been allowed inside a different polling place at 7 a.m. yesterday — the first day of early voting — so it's only natural he'd be angry at being told to wait.

Also only natural was his belief that something had to be amiss when the election judge stood in his way.

"I really got upset about it, and I said, 'Well, what are you doing up in there that you don't want us to see?'" Pendleton said.

Way to go, Mr. Pendleton! Don't let them get away with doing whatever election fraud they were no doubt planning because they wouldn't let you in early. You are clearly the victim here, especially since you were charged with assault. That probably makes you a political prisoner just like Dinesh D'Souza! But has Amnesty International so much as called? Of course not, those hypocrites.

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Donald Trump STILL Telling People Not To Wear Masks. Why? We Have No F*cking Clue

It's not like anyone could be hurt when he lies, is it?

President Shitferbrains has added a new lie to his vast arsenal of arseholishness, and it's a whopper: Since at least yesterday morning, Trump has been repeatedly claiming that a "CDC study" found that "85 percent of the people wearing masks catch" COVID-19. He has that pretty much backward, as we'll explain in a moment, but first let's be clear: Masks are effective in slowing the spread of the pandemic, and when the "president" of the United States gets basic science as completely wrong as he does here, it increases the risk of people getting sick and dying. No big, just a potentially deadly lie from the leader of the free world. AKA Thursday.

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