Correction: Hillary Clinton Does NOT Care About Ohio Voters

This photo was actually taken in ScarsdaleFaithful readers of the Tribune Chronicle, the "first online newspaper" of Ohio's Mahoning Valley, got some startling news on Tuesday: the day before, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had apparently met with voters in the office of their own District 6 representative, Charlie Wilson. Why the Senator would be visiting Ohio -- a state whose primary she had already won -- and why she would say she "plans on attending each session" of a six-stop listening tour with the obscure local congressman was a mystery. "We had an unbelievable turnout...There were 85 people in that small office," raved the national candidate, who regularly speaks to crowds of thousands. Something fishy was definitely going on!

So, ha ha, funny turns out this Tribune Chronicle reporter called Wilson's office on Monday and when a woman answered the phone and said "This is Hillary," he naturally assumed it was Senator Clinton. After all, how many women named Hillary live in America anyway?

In fact the woman answering the phone and pledging to attend every stop of Wilson's listening tour was the congressman's communications director, Hillary Wicai Viers. In other breaking news, it turns out this Congressman Charlie Wilson was not the Congressman Charlie Wilson played by Tom Hanks in that movie about Afghanistan and belly dancers.

Clinton visits residents in Wilson's office [Tribune Chronicle]

Information attributed to Clinton was incorrect [Tribune Chronicle]


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