CORRECTION: Previous Wonkette Argument About Health Care 'Discredited'


Man, are we embarrassed. We have no excuse and can only hope that you accept our apology. In aprevious Wonkette post about a b-list columnist's take on the important issue of our time, we incorrectly referred to health care reform as, in part, a "moral" issue, for everyone. Had we done our research, we would have known that every expert and scientist had quashed this argument years ago. We thank the very thorough Politico for bringing this fact to light: "And this week, [Barack Obama] returned to an argument Democratic strategists said shouldn't be part of the pitch this year -- trying to convince Americans they have a 'moral obligation' to help people without insurance, a discredited argument from the reform effort under President Bill Clinton." There are so many real, important arguments in this reform effort -- would the House plan mandate euthanasia for old people, would Stephen Hawking have to leave America to escape the brownshirts, etc. -- that we shouldn't be wasting any of our time reiterating the previously discredited ones. [Daily Dish]


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