Corrupt Rep. Calls for Do-Overs on Earmarks

No tag-backs! - WonketteWhat West Virginia lacks in jobs, population, and reasons to live there, it more than makes up for in receipt of shitloads of government money. So who can blame Rep. Alan Mollohan for unethically steering millions of dollars to his "poverty-ridden district" (and, uh, to his own personal poverty-ridden bank account)? Turns out lots of people can blame him for this, including the FBI, and now the House Rules Committee.

Mollohan rather hurriedly asked last night that all his earmarks be stripped from the Agriculture appropriations bill, because the Republicans were about to point out that he was still funneling money to the shady nonprofits he set up with former aides and business partners.

Lawmakers requesting that their own earmarks be removed from bills is pretty much unprecedented and definitely hilarious.

Mollohan Earmarks to Be Stripped From Agriculture Appropriations Bill [Roll Call]

Rules Panel Strikes Mollohan Earmaks [The Hill]


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