Cory Booker: Did He or Did He Not Blog?

cory booker.jpgWe previously linked to the NYT's new blog about Newark politics, Newark 06. We actually have a soft spot for the city, since one of us used to work there and went to law school with mayoral candidate Cory Booker.

Now, over at the Huffington Post, we see what looks suspiciously like a blog post by candidate Booker. The post itself isn't bowling over the HuffPo readership. Some have voiced support for Booker, but others have been less enthusiatic. One commenter suggests that Booker -- a graduate of Stanford and Yale, as well as a Rhodes Scholar -- should take a writing course from the Learning Annex.

But maybe Booker can't be blamed for this "post," which he may not have "blogged." Newark 06 has the backstory:

[Booker is not] frittering away valuable campaign time writing for political blogs. The HuffingtonPost item was actually a lightly edited version of a post that had gone up on his own Web site five days earlier.

According to Mr. Booker


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