Cosmetic Changes to Metro System Outrage Old People

Boy it'd be a shame if anything happened to change this gorgous view - WonketteWashington, DC's beloved subway system is getting a bureaucratic nightmare of a makeover. The Metro -- known for its Albert Speer-influenced identical oppressive stations, its moldy carpets, its embarrassing 70s color scheme, and the fact that it's designed around funneling douchebags in and out of the center of the city from their walled suburban outposts of safe whiteness without regard to ease of intra-city travel for people who actually live here -- is more or less impervious to improvement because its board is made up of 80-year-old rich people who hate change.

And, as expected, some of those people are hopping mad about plans to get rid of the discolored grandma carpet in each hideous car, to add advertisements that may distract from the glorious blandness of each beige car interior, and to actually light the stations well enough for commuters to truly see the fascistic concrete bunkers they're forced to wait in for the trains that will take them to their depressing jobs.

Because the Metro is for white people to get to work without having to drive or -- horror of horrors -- bus through a city full of black people, maintaining a certain veneer of dignified wealth and entitlement is apparently more important than having the trains, say, run all night, something the New York subway has done rather well for some years.

Oh, but the New York subway is dirty and full of poor people, so it's quite clearly inferior to our fantastic system.

Ambiance Of Metro Might Take Sharp Turn [WP]


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