Could 'the Hermanator' Become Our Next President?


Meet your newGOP friend/hero, Herman Cain. He’s “an African-American Republican, a former chief executive of Godfather's Pizza, a cancer survivor -- and the host of a popular radio show in Georgia.” A brand-new movement called Draft Cain 2012 is using Facebook technology to make Cain our next president. But is America ready for "the Hermanator"?

A conservative blogger says that Cain -- not to be confused with “the Strom Thurmondator” -- might be “Michael Steele without the baggage.” Which isn’t a very good metaphor to use at all, because without baggage what is left of Michael Steele? Anyway:

What makes Herman Cain an especially potent force is his charisma, and the fact that his supporters don't just admire him -- they love him. "He has the ability to really have the 'wow' factor," said Maurice Atkinson, another leader of the Draft Cain movement.

Republicans are capable of “love"!

"Herman Cain is an unconventional politician and a leader in every way," said Martha Zoller, host of a popular conservative radio talk show based out of Gainesville, Florida. "He makes things happen and understands the two things lacking in the current administration -- American exceptionalism and economic principles."

Not only that, but both Joe the Plumber and Lewis the Singing Marine like him.

What else can be said about the Hermanator? He's a maths and computers guy. He’s never held public office, but having government experience doesn’t really mean anything -- just look at the losers who do have experience. He believes in the power of smiles. He doesn’t mind being completely unaware of what’s going on in the world sometimes. He would make a good life coach. And he probably knows how to make a passable pizza. HIRED. [Politics Daily]


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