Could This Be the First Genuine Congressional Craigslist Ad?

Looking for a reasonably-priced bedroom on Capitol Hill? This one doesn't sound bad:

ginnyapartment.jpgPretty good price, good location, and the best part is, you'd get to live with Congresswoman Ginny Browne-Waite! Yes, that's her ad, as an operative found out after expressing interest in the room. Trawling for roommates on craigslist -- can there be any lingering doubt that House members are basically college students with slightly better wardrobes?

In case you're wondering what might help your case, here's a screenshot of Representative Browne-Waite's website:


We're guessing English is the official language of the Browne-Waite townhouse.

$800 - 1 bedroom [craigslist]

Ginny Browne-Waite []


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