Coulter to Post: Who Cares? I Make More Money than Any of You

Oh, snap! Hell hath no fury like a woman scored! Or Ann Coulter, either:

Once considered a legitimate daily, the Post has been reduced to tabloid status best known for Page Six's breathless accounts of Paris Hilton's latest ruttings, and headlines like "Vampire Teen -- H.S. Girl Is Out for Blood." How crappy a newspaper is the Post? Let me put it this way: It's New York's second-crappiest paper.
Ohhh... I don't think she's talking about the Daily News, do you? But then she employs my favoritest defense of all, the "I don't care, my publisher loves me more than yours does. So there" defense:
Maybe the Post's constant harassment of me is an attempt to shake me down for protection money like they did with billionaire businessman Ron Burkle. I have sold a LOT of books -- more books, come to think of it, than any writers at the New York Post.
Oh, oooooh, no she di'n't! I think there's gonna be a big Coulter/Jared Paul Stern catfight any minute now. Believe me, hair will be pulled.

Top secret interview exposed! [Townhall]


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