Councilman Caught With Naked 15-Year-Old Boy & Pills!

Telephone chat lines? This dude's old skool! - WonketteOur wretched Endless Cummer continues with a local Indiana politician -- long-time councilman and former county auditor Roger Fisher -- and his impressive (alleged) perversion. Fisher was arrested at a Motel 6, where police found a naked 15-year-old boy hiding in the bathroom. UPDATE, BREAKING: He's a Democrat!

The 53-year-old Fisher was jailed Monday night after witnesses saw him bringing a terrified boy to his seedy motel room. Cops say Fisher admitted to having some kind of sex with the kid, whom he apparently found on a telephone sex-chat line, which is apparently the state of child-sex technology in small-town Indiana.

Oh, and Fisher was allegedly carrying prescription dope, without a prescription.

The mystery is whether Fisher's a Republican or not! Everything about this situation says not only "Of course he is!" but also "And he's local director of the McCain and/or Giuliani campaign." People of Indiana, please confirm his political affiliation.

How do we know he's a Democrat? Commenter JADEDLENS checked the Indiana campaign-finance site. We only checked the national Open Secrets site, because we're kind of lazy, and found no evidence of Roger Fisher of Indiana donating to anything. But he has donated to the campaigns of Indiana's now-dead Democrat governor Frank O'Bannon and the state's Democratic Party.

Parke County official arrested at motel [Indy Star]


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