Count Your Blessings

  • Attorney General Mukasey finally got around to answering that waterboarding question. [New York Times]
  • Florida yields a two-person field? We only count one. [New York Times]
  • We may not have health care, but pretty soon we'll all have the best picture quality money can buy. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The Energy Dept. might pull out of plan to store greenhouse gases underground because the whole idea is stupid. [Washington Post]
  • Congress will let Dick Cheney read your email for two more weeks while they try to figure out what to do next. [Washington Post]
  • Sorry, Rudy. There was no way of knowing that you're strategy of shamelessly exploiting an already-tapped out source of national grief wouldn't get you there. [Politico, The Hill]
  • The Senate may not give us our $600. [Politico]
  • Margaret Truman, now dead, was a one-person Salinger novel. [Los Angeles Times]

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