Country's First 16-Year-Old Lt. Gov?

Lieutenant Governor of the Day: South Carolina's Andre Bauer:

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer was pulled over -- but not ticketed -- by S.C. Highway Patrol officers for doing 101 mph on the night of Feb. 25, after using a police radio in his state vehicle to try to communicate with troopers.
[...]After asking Bauer how he was doing, the video from his in-dash camera shows Murphy said, "I should know you."
"Yes sir," Bauer replied. "Did you not hear me on the radio?"
Murphy later asks, "and who are you, sir?"
Bauer: "SC 2."
Murphy then tells Bauer to have a good night and drives off.

(they do eventually point out that "there is no official designation for Bauer as 'SC 2.'" -- how cool is this guy?)

And the story's a big hit among his many friends on MySpace:


(yeah, it's really his profile)

(first Wonkette reader to make it on to his Top 8 wins a prize)

AndreSpace [LaurinLine]

ltgovernorandrebauer [MySpace]

Bauer clocked at 101 -- but not ticketed [TheState]


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