Courageous Nakeds Swarm Boehner


Everybody hurts sometimesYou know, there's really nothing better than getting naked with your friends, amirite? Hanging out, feeling free, lighting some candles, putting on some Sarah McLachlan, applying body paint and glitter to each other, heading over to John Boehner's place...OK. Maybe not that last part. Nobody wants that last part. Not even Mrs. Boehner. Is there a Mrs. Boehner? Yr Wonkette is far too lazy to check. Some folks from several HIV/AIDS organizations brought their extremely naked selves to Speaker John Boehner's office to protest proposed HIV/AIDS funding cuts that get triggered when we all go a-plunging over the fiscal cliff:

Seven naked protesters swarmed the office of Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Tuesday for some 20 minutes of loud chanting against cuts to AIDS funding...

After police showed up and repeatedly threatened to arrest the protesters for indecent exposure, they eventually put on their clothes and walked out of the Speaker’s office. The three female protesters stuck around in the hallway to speak to reporters and were arrested anyway; the four male protesters appeared to get away, the organizers said.

Here at Wonkette, we are mostly concerned with whether these naked men were of a Daniel Craig or Richard Cohen level of hottness. If the former, please to inform yr Wonkette where these nekkid men might reside. We are also either chagrined or impressed - haven't decided for sure which - that the nekkids were able to be in the Speaker's office for 20 MINUTES before they got dressed and/or arrested.

NSFW pix (mercifully, not of John Boehner OR Richard Cohen, but sadly not of Daniel Craig either) after the jump.

Naked ladies who presumably were later arrested:

In order to see the naked men who somehow managed to put their clothes on and get away without arrest, you must watch this (STILL NSFW! Don't you people LISTEN?) video:

Let's be honest with each other, please. We are basically only writing this post because it gives us a chance to post nekkid pictures on the internet in the name of journalism, rather in the name of pathetic, lonely, hoping-for-sexytime.



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