Cops Behaving Badly

The Battle Of Portland Heads To Court

The first of many many many many MANY MANY MANY MANY lawsuits to come!

Portland is under attack. Armed men in military-style fatigues are roaming the streets and throwing people into unmarked minivans, shooting at peaceful protesters, and intimidating protesters who dare speak out against police brutality against Black Americans.

And, because we are here in the year of our Satan, 2020, these thugs are federal officers.

As we've previously written about here, here, and here, Donald Trump and acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf (yes, amazingly, that is his real name) have sent stormtroopers to Portland to harass, shoot at, and disappear people. These goons have been terrorizing protesters in the name of "law enforcement," with Wolf calling the protesters "violent anarchists" because of ... wait for it ... because of some graffiti.

Thankfully, the Oregon attorney general is fighting back. Friday night, state AG Ellen Rosenblum filed a complaint in federal court, seeking a stop to this fascist fuckery.

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Wow, It's Almost As If Joni Ernst Is A Hypocrite Or Something!

She thinks Trump should be able to appoint a replacement in a lame-duck session

In 2016, after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died, Republicans insisted because Obama was not going to be president the next year, he should not be allowed to appoint a replacement. It wasn't for selfish reasons, they assured us, it was because they simply wanted "the people" to have a chance to have their say, regardless of what that say was. And of course, there were those who believed that they were sincere. Probably the same people who still believe in "principled Republicans."

At that time, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst said:

"We will see what the people say this fall and our next president, regardless of party, will be making that nomination," Ernst said.[...]

"We understand that, in November if people are unhappy with the way that we have been governing in the United States Senate, they would speak out," Ernst said. "But from what we have heard, people are excited about the opportunity to voice their opinion through the ballot box, whether they're Democrats, whether they're Republicans."

Asked by a reporter if she sees the strategy as a "gamble," given that a Democrat could be elected president and push forward a more liberal nominee, Ernst said she'll accept the outcome of the election regardless of who wins.

"Let's all talk about it and then in November we'll have that decision," she said. "And if the decision is made that we have another Democratic president, that's a decision we will live with."

It was a good gamble. They held off confirming Merrick Garland, and Trump was able to shoehorn in two very conservative judges on the court, making it extremely unlikely that we'll get to keep legal abortion or have too many big civil rights victories for a while.

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Cops Behaving Badly

Ask Wonkette: Is It LEGAL To Disappear People Off American Streets, Or The OPPOSITE Of That?

This one's a real sticky wicket!

The city of Portland, Oregon, is under assault from its own federal government.

People are being detained by unidentifiable alleged law enforcement officers, blindfolded, thrown into unmarked vehicles, and detained without even knowing where they are or who is holding them. This is not a dystopian thriller — it's America in 2020.

Since at least July 10, federal officers from the Department of Homeland Security have been terrorizing Black Lives Matter protesters. Now, alleged federal officers wearing military fatigues have been rounding up Portlanders and throwing them into unmarked vans. Because apparently, forcibly disappearing people is something we do now.

Usually, the Department of Homeland Security props up white supremacy by acting as immigration Nazis. Now, it's also brutally attacking journalists, peaceful protesters, and apparently anyone who happens to be in downtown Portland in the middle of the night.

Last weekend, federal officers shot peaceful protester Donavan LaBella in the face with an allegedly "less lethal" weapon. His skull was fractured and he had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown have both asked the feds to GTFO. These requests have been ignored by both Trump and his chief DHS lackey, Chad Wolf.

Can Trump do this?!

Well, he shouldn't be able to.

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Supreme Court Lets Its Jesus Freak Flag Fly

But which Christian denomination should be the state religion?

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court gave two big wins to people who seek to discriminate against others and blame it on their religion.

In two 7-2 rulings (yes, you read that right, NOT COOL BREYER AND KAGAN), the Court gave its blessing to legalized discrimination in the name of religion. In Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania, SCOTUS gave the green light to employers to strip their employees of birth control coverage for "religious" and "moral" reasons. And in Our Lady of Guadalupe v. Morrissey-Berru, it gave religious schools the right to discriminate against basically any of their teachers, at any time, for any reason.

So that's fun!

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