Federal Judge Halts Ohio Voter Suppression Scheme

Secretary of State tried to limit the ability of city dwellers to vote. It ... didn't work.

For decades, Republicans have made it clear that they don't give a flying fuck about the principles underpinning our democratic system. To the GOP, the will of the people doesn't matter; the only thing that actually matters is gaining and holding onto power.

As part of the Republican Party's plan to steal the 2020 elections by any means necessary, earlier this week, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued a directive limiting every county in the state — with no regard for geography, population, or feasibility — to just one drop box each to collect absentee ballots.

After initially dismissing the case, Ohio federal Judge Dan Aaron Polster reversed course on Friday, reinstating the lawsuit filed by civil rights organizations and individual voters alike, and striking down LaRose's one Dropbox per county rule. Finding that LaRose's ratfucking violates the rights of voters under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution, the court held that the directive “significantly burdens the right to vote, and, ultimately, may have the effect of deterring many people from voting or forcing them to risk their health by voting in-person." As such,

The Secretary is enjoined from enforcing that portion of Directive 2020-16 that prohibits a county board of elections from installing a secure drop box at a location other than the board of elections office, and the Secretary is also enjoined from prohibiting a board from deploying its staff for off-site ballot delivery.

Suck it, LaRose.

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White House

Mail Delivery Started Sucking Right After Louis DeJoy Became Postmaster General

Dada-driven journalism.

Almost immediately after Republican megadonor Louis DeJoy started working as Donald Trump's pet postmaster general, on-time delivery rates for US First Class mail started plunging, according to data analyzed by the Guardian. When DeJoy took over the US Postal Service in mid-June of this year, he instituted a bunch of "reforms" aimed at saving money, but which also led to reports of huge slowdowns in mail delivery — just as Donald Trump was ramping up his bullshit attacks on the legitimacy of voting by mail.

Now, with some new data from a federal lawsuit filed against the USPS, there are numbers to back up the anecdotes from postal carriers and customers about long delays in delivery times caused by DeJoy's "reforms," which included such innovations as cuts in postal carrier overtime, sending trucks from sorting facilities at a set time regardless of whether all the day's mail had been loaded, and prohibiting carriers from returning to pick up mail from post offices.

Gosh, it wasn't just disgruntled employees, or political bloggers who ended up cancelling online orders after they seemingly vanished after arriving at the post office in Boise but never made it any farther. The numbers show a clear decline in on-time deliveries.

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Was Trump Acting As POTUS When He Said E. Jean Carroll Not Hot Enough To Rape?

Bill Barr thinks he was!

The President of the United States wants to use US tax dollars as his personal rape defense slush fund.

Yeah. You read that right.

Earlier this week, the US Department of Justice filed a notice of its intent to intervene in one of the currently pending civil lawsuits about the president sexually assaulting women. Yesterday, Bill Barr revealed that Trump asked the DOJ to intervene in the rape case. Because of course he did.

Just when you think things can't get any worse, we have to talk about Donald Trump's penis again.

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2020 presidential election

Trump Admin Releases 'Still More Census F*ckery,' Worst Anthology Ever

Silly ol' Constitution not getting in Trump's way, no sir.

In what looks like yet another attempt to rig the Census to build in an advantage for Republicans, the US Census Bureau will be cutting short the "door knocking" portion of this year's Census in some parts of the country. (Guess which parts.) The door knocking portion is the part of the Census where workers go to addresses of people who haven't yet responded to the Census by phone, mail, or online, to make sure the government has the most accurate possible count of the US population. That's after the Census Bureau already cut this year's decennial count short by a full month so it could get the results to Donald Trump before he leaves office.

This isn't just statistics babble. Cutting the count short is likely to result in a lot of poor and minority Americans not being counted, which could skew Congress and government spending in favor of Republican states for the next decade. Yes, even if Trump and Republicans across the board lose in the November election. Hell of a fiendish plan.

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