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SCOTUS Does Good By Doing Nothing Again!

We'll take it!

Once again, the Supreme Court has done something good for LGBTQ rights by doing nothing.

This week, the Court denied cert in Box v. Henderson, where homophobic Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill was asking the Court to deny parenting rights to married same-sex couples.

With the 2015 SCOTUS opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, states that revel in their hatred of people who are different from them were forced to accept marriage equality as the law of the land. But that didn't stop them from trying to find new ways to discriminate against LGBTQ people! Obergefell itself even listed birth and death certificates as part of the "constellation of benefits" all married couples are entitled to. But the homophobes in Indiana weren't about to let a silly little thing like the US Constitution get in their way.

When a married opposite-sex couple in Indiana uses a sperm donor to conceive, both spouses' names are listed on the child's birth certificate and both spouses are legally recognized as the child's parents. That's because of something called the marital presumption of parentage, which says that when a married person has a child, both spouses are legally presumed to be the parents of the child. It exists in some form in every state.

But Indiana, in its infinite wisdom, decided to use the presumption of parentage to discriminate against same-sex married couples. And because of this discrimination, married same-sex couples had to go through the invasive, expensive, and difficult process of a step-child adoption in order to both be recognized as their child's parents. This could also be disastrous for families with same-sex parents: If the biological mother died and the other mother hadn't gone through the expense of legal adoption, they could be left with no legal relationship to their own child. And it could leave married same-sex couples who move between different states at risk, if the presumption of parentage applied to same-sex in some states but not others.

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While We Wait For SCOTUS TO DQ Texas Suit, Let's Check In On Ken Paxton!

Sorry, we meant to mention this earlier!

Let's talk about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Yes, that asshole who is suing all the swing states Biden won.

But that's not what we're talking about right now.

Right now, we're talking about all of the other illegal shit Paxton has been doing. Allegedly.

This week, the FBI raided the Texas Attorney General's headquarters in Austin. Why? Oh, just because the state of Texas's top law enforcement official may have done a bunch of corruption and committed a whole bunch of crimes.

This comes after a group of whistleblowers close to Paxton told the FBI they believed their boss had been on a crime spree. In October, several top officials in the AG's office asked federal law enforcement to investigate Paxton for all sorts of public corruption, saying they had "a good faith belief that the attorney general is violating federal and/or state law including prohibitions related to improper influence, abuse of office, bribery and other potential criminal offenses."

Oh just that?

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Nice Time

Supreme Court Does Good Thing For Trans Kids, So ... Surprise!

They did it by doing nothing. Do nothing more, Trump-infected SCOTUS!

Our fascist Supreme Court did something good?!

We're as surprised as you are, but yes, yes they did. (Well, technically, they did nothing, but in this case nothing was a good thing!)

Yesterday, the Supreme Court denied cert in Parents for Privacy v. Barr, rejecting an appeal from transphobic parents in Dallas School District No. 2 in Oregon. The parents were challenging a school district policy intended to accommodate and protect the civil rights of trans students.

The Court's dismissal of the appeal leaves in place the western Oregon school district's policy that allowed a male transgender student to use the bathroom and locker room that corresponded with his gender identity.

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2020 presidential election

Trump Campaign Pays $3 Million To Get Biden 87 More Votes In Wisconsin

Nicely done, boys.

The results of the Wisconsin recount are in! And Team Trump paid $3 million to add 87 votes to Joe Biden's margin of victory.

Womp womp.

The grifters on Team Trump have raised millions of dollars from their cult members so they can continue their absurd legal challenges to the election results. And so far, they are on quite the streak! If by "streak," you mean massive skidmark, being slapped down by court after court.

And now the Trump team has another notch to add to its belt, after paying $3 million to add votes to Biden's total.

Did we mention they paid $3 million to add votes to Biden's total? We should mention how they paid $3 million to add votes to Biden's total.

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