Cows, Tumbleweeds Still Denied Right To Vote In Wyoming
  • As threatened, both Washington and Wyoming went ahead with their primary elections yesterday. Washington didn't surprise anybody because it is boring; in Wyoming, the nominations of Republican Matt Mead and Democrat Leslie Peterson for governor surprised everyone, because nobody had heard of any of the candidates before and thus any name would have been a surprise. Mead has a weird, defensive, rambling thing about highway funding as a top-level link on his Web site, so you know this is going to be an exciting race. [538]
  • Despite a heroic Chicago thug jury's decision to barely even convict Rod Blagojevich, mean old Patrick Fitzgerald is determined to put him on trial again. [WP]
  • The Gulf oil spill hasn't gone away, but it has thoughtfully sunk below the surface where we can't see it, which is pretty much the same thing. [AP]
  • All of the Iraqi exiles the U.S. brought in to run things after the 2003 invasion are starting to feel a few twinges of regret about how badly they fucked things up. [NYT]

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