CPAC: Conservatives Panting After Chicks

namrata1.jpgThis year's Conservative Political Action Conference is already in full drunken swing over at the Reagan Building. Thankfully, they've invited bloggers to cover the event, who've taught us many things. First, there's a species called "women," to which they have clearly not previously been exposed:

On the first day of CPAC the "star" of the whole conference is the lovely Namrata Singh Gujral. Robert Cox agrees with me that Namrata is the "hottest looking woman at CPAC." Ann Coulter, eat your heart out! -- The American Mind

Joe knows a little about marketing because he brought along the hottest looking woman at CPAC, Namrata Singh Gujral, and perhaps one of the hottest women I have ever met. Yow! -- National Debate

Oh, it goes on and on, but you get the point. It's sad when nerds leave the internet. But we hope Michelle Malkin shows up soon. You know how she likes to rip off that padded bra to flash the sex-starved right. And her pole-dancing skills are unbeatable!

Conservatives Gone Wild: Life Imitates Art at CPAC [Perrspectives]


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