Crack Politico Investigative Reporters Discover 'The Real Bo Obama'


Important news! According toPolitico, Obama has a relative named "Bo Obama" who — no, wait, they're talking about that fucking dog. Never mind. This publication put two whole reporters to work tracking down that dog's trainer, because they are a newspaper that concerns itself with governmental affairs. And they called this article "THE REAL BO OBAMA," as it's important for journalists to look into the backgrounds of those who serve in our government as animals who shit on the White House lawn. How big is this story? Politico's featured poll on their website asks, "Do you think Bo Obama is a good dog?" That is the question we are all asking ourselves less than two weeks before the midterm elections.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone in the White House has poor training, including the first dog. Even Caroline Kennedy’s pony Macaroni behaved himself on Pennsylvania Avenue. Could it be that Bo is the first four-legged rebel roaming the grounds?

Nonsense, said Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz. She should know: She has helped train the first dog since before his days at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (Click here to see a slideshow of Bo Obama.)

Oh, good thing they put that parenthetical in the middle of this article. Otherwise we might not find that "slideshow of Bo Obama." And that would mean we would have moved on with our lives without seeing some old news photos of the president's fucking dog, and how would we be able to look in the mirror every morning knowing that?

Yet, there was work to be done. “I wanted to sharpen up his house-training skills so he could clearly give me a signal that he needed to go potty,” she said

Oh, so, like, this dog was a dog. News. [Politico]


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