Craigslist Blind Item: Jilted Campaign Staffer

Bitter alleged former mistress of 2004 election campaign director threatens to tell all:

To make matters worse, he was the campaign director and was a reference on my resume, but now refuses because he said he would be "uncomfortable" with that. Sure wasn't uncomfortable with it while we were sleeping together. Also said he would help me find a job,.....still unemployed! I have VERY compromising photos and e-mails from him and am SOOO tempted to post on a web-site or send to our campaign alumni site, or e-mail his gf and tell her I was not the first he cheated with, just the first time he got caught (Pam in Little Rock, AR last Feb?)
Girl clearly needs some serious Dr. Phil time. But God, we miss mid-2004. Who didn't have a mistress or three in those heady pre-election days?

Don't Date Your Boss!!! [Craigslist]


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