Craigslist Poster Goes "Gay"

Craigslist, the online sandbox, has somebody wanting to play doctor:

You work for Speaker Hastert... - 25

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Date: 2004-12-20, 5:22PM EST

...or at least you did last that I heard. You're from MO and wear your grandfather's ring. I haven't seen you at the Spout Run/Lyon Village Starbucks in ages and miss your kindness and incredible smile. Did you move into the District?

Unfortunately, somebody else just wants to be a big bully about it, jumping in with this accusation:
Re: You work for Speaker Hastert...

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Date: 2004-12-20, 5:37PM EST

That guy is gay. We hooked up at Cobalt a few weeks ago. You're not missing anything, though. He's a bad kisser and has a tiny dick.

Oooh, scandal! Someone alert BlogActive! Only, uhm, we assume "gay" here means "dorkwad" because there's no gender assigned anywhere in the first post. And we have it on good authority that everyone who works for Hastert is gay in that way.

The tiny dick? Well, that does narrow it down...

You work for Speaker Hastert... [Craigslist]

Re: You work for Speaker Hastert... [Craigslist]


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