Crazy Congressional Candidate Has Crazy Base of Support

Uh, Indiana? You guys are nuts.

On the Republican side, with 86% of the precincts reporting late Tuesday night, Incumbent Chris Chocola has 70% of the vote.

Perhaps surprisingly, his outspoken opponent Tony Zirkle has claimed 30%.

30%! Katherine Harris should be running for Senator from Indiana! He "contemplated the reintroduction of the guillotine and lynch mob into the criminal justice process," and that was just what more than a quarter of the electorate needed to hear. You know, had we put the power of (still theoretical) WonkettePAC behind him, he could've won. We'd be out one boring lawmaker with a slightly funny name and we'd get one certified all-around nutcase.

WonkettePAC: Tested by Fire.

Chocola and Donnelly to square off for seat in Congress [WNDU]

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