Crazy New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Having a Bad Week

Ah, Kimberly Williamson Butler. In case you forgot, she's the mayoral candidate in New Orleans whose website featured (jesus, still features) a picture of her grinning happily on a French Quarter street corner that, it seems, exists only in Disneyland. This despite her living in the actual New Orleans, of course. So we can all tell she's a bit nuts. Unlike us, though, the Walt Disney Corporation is unamused:

A Disney public relations official confirmed Friday that the picture comes from the theme park's "New Orleans Square," and the company had been made aware of the unauthorized use of the image.

"We've referred this to our legal department," said the official, who did not give his name, referring further questions to a Disney lawyer who could not be reached.

Kim just can't catch a break. We're still mulling over that Wonkette PAC idea some commenter suggested last week -- if we get it off the ground, she'll be the first non-former-male-escort beneficiary of our largesse (but only because a certain Floridian Senatorial candidate doesn't need the dough). We need to foster crazy public officials wherever we can.

Butler Campaign Photo Is In La-La Land [Times-Picayune]

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