Crazy New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Update: Crazier Than We Thought!

huey_long_02.jpgWell, since this morning, we've confirmed it: that picture of New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Kimberly Williamson Butler was definitely taken in Disneyland. No streets in the French Quarter curve like that, among other obvious discrepancies. Now what kind of campaign would bother to so obviously fake a photo of the candidate standing on a corner in the city he or she actually lives in? Well, the kind of campaign whose candidate may have been too busy spending a couple nights in jail to take a real picture:

Ending one strange political saga by starting another, the clerk of New Orleans Criminal District Court, Kimberly Williamson Butler, surrendered herself to an irate criminal court judge Friday morning after a week of ignoring court orders and arrest warrants, and then walked outside the courthouse to announce her candidacy for mayor.

Butler -- who's from Buffalo, NY and moved to New Orleans in 1999 -- was thrown in the clink for mishandling FEMA fund applications. After hiding out for a while, communicating via talk radio, she made the classic "turn yourself in as you announce your candidacy" move, which we feel like can only be done properly in Louisiana (didn't the Kingfish do something like this? Or Earl Long, at least?).

She is Wonkette's Crazy Mayoral Candidate of the Day. Congratulations, Kim. Don't forget to vote.

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