Crazy Old Coot to Head Republican Policy Committee

mccotter.jpgThat's what we gathered from today's Roll Call profile of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, anyway. We kinda like him!

In a stream-of-consciousness "Dear Colleague" letter circulated during his first bid for Policy Committee chairman earlier this year -- which he lost to incoming Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam (Fla.) -- he described himself as "a bald, guitar-twanging backbencher on four 'B-committees' from a borderline district in a 'blue state.'" He concluded the letter by telling his colleagues that if they opted not to support his candidacy, "it's cool."

He's also a member, along with Mike Simpson and John Boehner, of the "unofficial Smoker's Caucus," with whom we would totally caucus any time. Though he was also in that lame Congressional sub-wedding cover band, Raucus "The Second Amendments."

Getting the Band Back Together [Roll Call]


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