Crazy Redneck Quran-Burning Pastor To Round Out GOP Presidential Field

Even tense fringe hillbillies like Terry Jones have clued into the fact that there's money to be made off a long-shot Republican presidential run this time around owing to the fact that the weepy, undecided GOP base is full of hungry fear junkies who'll immediately trade campaign donations in exchange for their frenzy fix faster than a meth-addicted trailer park hooker can throw off her panties. So, yeah, old Florida swamp monster Terry Jonesis running for President, please PayPal him your last few sweaty dollar bills and he'll probably mail you an exploding Quran as a thank-you present or something. 

So what does "Terry Jones" stand for besides brown people murder and hollow acts of famewhoring in the name of Jesus? Aburdist free-form wingnut poetry, apparently, like this excerpt plucked at random from the policy platform section of his campaign website:

4.  Deport all illegals.

We must immediately begin the deportation of the 20 million illegal aliens living in our country.

This would be an operation similar to what Eisenhower did to provide jobs for the soldiers

who were coming home after the war.

5.  Also saving us 400 billion dollars per year.

Virtually every part of these clouded musings is false, but uh, everyone enjoy what promises to be a brief, shrieking campaign from one of the most hateful idiots in America. [Stand Up For America Now via TPM]


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