Crazy Web Claims Pretty Much Confirmed By Newsweek

Oh shit, it's Mini Me! - WonketteWe found this insane story last week about James Baker III shouting down Cheney and Bush 43 (in a fetal position) in some Godfather-style Oval Office takeover meeting right before the election. It was allegedly told by Newsweek's Richard Wolffe to Chris Matthews during Election Night coverage, live on MSNBC at 4:30 a.m. -- of course there are no transcripts, no YouTube evidence, etc.

But now that Newsweek has pretty much confirmed the whole story, we might as well repeat it here, after the jump.

Here's the original claim, which appeared on the world's greatest lunatic website (Godlike Productions) on Thursday:

Wolffe relates that he and a few select Senior media were there when Junior bush received this 1' thick report/recommendations.

1) Baker informed Junior bush First of all - "EVERYBODY HATES YOU." This amazed & humbled Junior bush. Baker was NOT alone with Junior bush was confronted with the above issues. Baker - "The people HATE YOU." Junior bush turned white, the blood leaving his face, turning White - visible drawing up as in FETAL with his hands clasped in his lap.

2)Baker - " you KNOW your not a leader - Your a Cheerleader." Those in the room gave a silent - YA you got that right - it's about time he was told the TRUTH!!!

3) Baker asked for and received a list of his advisors- and MARKED THROUGH those advisors to IGNORE - ALL ADVISORS WERE ELIMINATED AS ADVISORS TO JUNIOR bush.

4)One concession was Rumsfeld - Baker wanted him fired immediately - that waited till after election.

5) Ignore Cheney - Cheney got up at a meeting and flailing arms while espousing what should be done (about Iraq) Junior bush told Cheney VERY FIRLMY to "sit down and be quiet." After 30 minutes of sitting quietly Cheney left. Nobody has EVER talked to Cheney in this way - ((and lived???)) - HAH!!!

6) 6) Baker informed Junior bush that you WILL negotiate with North Korea!

7) Baker informed Junior bush that you WILL negotiate with Iran. Baker went to Iran - And leader of Iran did NOT want to see Junior bush last monthy when in the USA - but WENT TO HOUSTON TO SEE JAMES BAKER III. Baker sees Iran overseeing Iraq after USA pullout of Iraq!

Very entertaining -- especially the spelling and ALL CAPS CRAZY. So, how much of this actually turned up in Newsweek?

* Baker and Bush 41 fired Rumsfeld and hired Bob Gates.

* Bush 43 snapped "I don't care" when aides asked how they should deal with the press jabbering about Bush 41 taking over for junior.

* Gates, also a member of Baker's Iraq Study Group, is going to quickly accept the recommendations since they are basically his recommendations.

* Those long-rumored recommendations -- as Tony Blair confirmed Monday -- include substantial deals with Iran and Syria.

* Everybody does hate Bush 43, as his approval ratings sank to 31% in the days after the election.

* Evan Thomas reminds us that Baker "once described Bush 43's core principles as 'God and exercise,'" which is pretty funny.

* Baker is the "obvious choice to pursue the diplomatic initiative that the Iraq Study Group will surely call for." Which means he's already meeting with Iranian and Syrian diplomats.

* Seriously, where the hell's Cheney?

The Rescue Squad,Can Bush Sr. and His Team Save Son's Presidency? [Newsweek]


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