Crazy Woman Vows to Return to Congress

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs was maybe, just maybe, the greatest member of the 109th Congress. Elected to serve the remainder of Tom DeLay's term, she spent her couple weeks in Washington alienating all of Tom's staff, promising to reform the entire tax code, speaking on the floor of the House countless times to an empty chamber, and opening an investigation into her staff after they all quit. Perhaps most movingly, we remember the love she had for her district, and the love they showed her back; one of the votes that helped Shelley to her all-too-brief victory, remember was a write-in for "DraculaCunt," which remains the greatest name in politics since Buddy Cianci's daughter Nancy Ann.

So we're thrilled to hear that she'll be back soon. She had her first '08 fundraiser last weekend, and took in $50k, according to Roll Call.

The only problem is that the Texas GOP would like to run pretty much anyone but our beloved DraculaCunt -- so you owe it to yourself (and us -- more like us) to take all the money you were planning on giving to Barry Hussein or Mike Gravel and give it to Shelley. We will take back Congress for the crazies in 2008. Our livelihood (and your entertainment) depend on it.

At the Races [Roll Call]


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