So here's a new take on why evolution -- or as the producers of this video fromCreation Today put it, "evolution," with scare quotes 'cause there's no such thing -- cannot possibly be true. Nice man Darek Isaacs has been reading up on "evolution," and he realized that "evolution" inevitably leads to a “very, very dark place.” You see, if "evolution" were true, then rape would obviously be OK, because with no God to send us to Hell, we'd all just sin alla time, and also, there'd be no constraining the wild seed-sowing of ravenous males!

You have to start asking questions. Well, if evolution is true and it’s just all about the male propagating their DNA, well, we have to ask hard questions like, well, is rape wrong? ... If evolution is about the man propagating their DNA and applying evolutionary thought to humanity, then it’s basically the strongest male takes whoever he can to propagate the DNA. And it's a scary outcome.

Further, he explains that a stable family structure (which can only be one man and one woman, plus concubines if you're in an Old Testament mood) is "anathema" to evolutionary principles, because men gotta be spreading that seed! Unless, of course, there were some sort of evolutionary advantaged for children raised in a stable family environment, and to rearing kids with two partners who like each other, instead of a female wanting to get rid of a child that was forced on her by rape... Nahh, couldn't possibly happen. But congratulations, Mr. Isaacs! You've just answered Olympia Dukakis's big question from Moonstruck! That's why men chase women.

[YouTube via Friendly Atheist]

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