Creepy Grainy Video

  • Ads in Iowa, this shit is almost over except there's another week. [Horse Race]
  • A million little Zapruder films! [Hot Air]
  • Looks like Mittens is soft on criminals after all. [Michelle Malkin]
  • Joe Lieberman is still a major douche sack! [[Carpetbagger]
  • Do you like paying for gas? Then we have great news! [Raw Story]
  • Fred Thompson may not agree, but we like to see Huck apologizing for the deaths of world leaders and should keep doing it. [Political Radar]
  • They both like shooting reporters, however. [Redstate]
  • It's going to take a major toolbox to fill Trent Lott's shoes but Haley Barbour has our full confidence. [Election Central]

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