Shh! Attempted Whitmer Kidnapping Suspect Doesn't Want You To Know God Told Him To Do It!

At least it wasn't the neighbor's dog?

Back in October, several men, many of them militia members, were arrested for their parts in a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, allegedly to put her on "trial" for doing tyranny to the state of Michigan by enacting restrictions meant to stop the spread of COVID-19.

One of those men was Barry Croft Jr.

Croft, a 45-year-old truck driver out of Bear, Delaware, was the official bombmaker of the group, and clearly felt very strongly about not allowing Whitmer to do anything to stop the spread of COVID-19, until he was imprisoned himself and really wanted to be let out for fear he would catch the virus in jail.

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Texas Dems Also Killed Crappy 'Bail Reform' Bill, Thank You Texas Dems!

A good night's work.

While they were busy saving democracy in Texas — or at least giving voting rights a stay of execution — by walking out of the state House Sunday night, Texas Democrats also put the kibosh on another top priority for Gov. Greg Abbott (R), a bill that would have made it much more difficult for people to bond out of jail without having the cash to pay for it. As the Texas Tribune explains,

After the Senate and House passed significantly different versions of House Bill 20, a group of mostly Republican lawmakers negotiated behind closed doors this weekend to arrive at a sweeping bill to change how and if people should be released from jail before their criminal cases are resolved.

Texas Republicans sure do love doing things in secret and then forcing a vote on 'em, huh? While putting the new version together, the Senate Rs removed a number of provisions from the House version that would have made getting bail slightly less onerous, because forget it, Jake, it's Texastown.

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Right Wing Extremism

Rudy Giuliani: I Didn't Mean 'Trial By Combat,' Or If I Did, I Meant Trial By Combat AT A LATER DATE!

Good court filing, Roodles!

Certain things are starting to move that were put in motion after the January 6 domestic terrorist attack incited by Donald Trump. One of those is a lawsuit filed by Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson and the NAACP against Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the white boy militias, et al. They filed the lawsuit under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, which hasn't hardly been used since Reconstruction. And if you click that last link, you can get a Wonk-splainer about it to refresh your memory.

Point is, Rudy Giuliani's lawyer filed a response, and therein lies some pretty funny logic, if you ask us, and we are Wonkette, so we know from funny. (We are sorry, Rudy Giuliani's lawyer. We know you probably didn't think you were auditioning for "Laugh-In" when you wrote this. But surprise, you got the part!)

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Once Again, Rage-Filled Woman-Abusing Good Guy With Gun Does Mass Shooting

Onion runs 'No Way To Prevent This, Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens' hed yet again.

America is once again going through the cycle of horror, anguish, and ultimately probably not doing anything following yet another mass shooting, this time in San Jose, California, where a public transit employee went on a shooting rampage at a rail yard where he worked, killing nine people and himself. Eight of the victims died at the scene, and a ninth died later.

The killer was identified as Samuel Cassidy. Like many, possibly all, of the victims, he was an employee of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), which provides bus and light rail service throughout the Bay Area community. The office of the Medical Examiner-Coroner released the names and ages of the nine dead on Wednesday:

Paul Delacruz Megia, 42; Taptejdeep Singh, 36; Adrian Balleza, 29; Jose Dejesus Hernandez III, 35; Timothy Michael Romo, 49; Michael Joseph Rudometkin 40; Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, 63; and Lars Kepler Lane, 63. Alex Ward Fritch, 49, was the ninth victim who died Wednesday evening.

Cassidy's former wife and a former girlfriend both said he had a history of ragey behavior and of taking his anger out on them. While it's too early to know what the shooter's motives were, we'll just note again that angry misogynists commit a large portion of mass shootings. Mind you, we couldn't just go treating every man who abuses women as a potential mass shooter, because Crom only knows what that would do to the economy? (Easy: We'd get lots of men into therapy and there'd be an expansion of social services, and who can even calculate the potential benefits of greater mental health in this godforsaken Republic?)

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