Another Criminal Investigation Into The Trump Organization? Sure Why Not!

Always room for more.

We are all waiting waiting waiting for something fun to happen, for the feds or the district attorney in Atlanta to arrest members of Donald Trump's organization or others of his high-level associates. At this point, it seems almost too hopeful to think somebody might grow the balls to arrest Trump himself for any of the obvious crimes he's always committing in our face. And it's kind of weird, quite frankly, that we got more perp walks of Trump criminals in the days of Donald Trump's Justice Department than we have under Joe Biden's Justice Department, at least so far.

But maybe it's just the calm before the storm. Maybe.

Regardless, the New York Times is reporting that another district attorney's office is leading a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. This time it's Westchester County, New York, DA Mimi Rocah — yes, you've seen her on MSNBC as a legal commentator — and surprise, it's about whether the Trump Organization has lied about the value of another Trump property in order to hide from taxes. So that's familiar territory, if you've been following the Manhattan investigations, which are reportedly chugging along.

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Liz Cheney And Adam Schiff Sound Ready To Throw Steve Bannon's Ass In Jail

Hope Merrick Garland is willing to follow through.

In the matter of the House January 6 Select Committee subpoenas that several of the most garbage members of Trumpland are saying they're going to defy, a couple members of that committee made some noise this week suggesting they absolutely intend to have those people criminally prosecuted if they follow through with their threats.

Last time we wrote about the subject, we had Democratic committee chair Bennie Thompson and Republican Adam Kinzinger making similar threats. Today's quotes are even stronger fightin' words.

Liz Cheney, the Republican who serves as vice-chair of the committee, says lock 'em up if they don't comply:

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Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyers: He Was Just 'Hunting'. What Do You Mean That's Worse?

Kyle Rittenhouse's Most Dangerous Game.

In an attempt this week to get the gun charge against him dropped, Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyers tried to argue that Wisconsin's hunting laws permitted him to patrol the streets of Kenosha with an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle, even though he was only 17 at the time and another law states that no one under 18 may possess a dangerous weapon like that.

The Chicago Tribune reports that on Tuesday, defense attorney Corey Chirafisi pointed to a state statute that requires specific training and supervision for anyone hunting under the age of 16, noting, "There appears to be an exception for 17-year-olds."

Rittenhouse, you may recall, went up to Kenosha, Wisconsin, from his home in Illinois specifically to defend a used car dealership from Black Lives Matter protesters, an activity that is not traditionally considered to be "hunting." Unless of course one is an eccentric, sociopathic Russian aristocrat living on an island and luring shipwrecked sailors to one's estate for the purposes of hunting them down and killing them.

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Matt Gaetz's Wingman Buddy Got A Whole Lot More Cooperatin' To Do

This blog post doesn't mention Matt Gaetz's penis. Much.

Here's a little tidbit of news that landed on us yesterday afternoon!

We haven't heard much lately about the federal sex crimes investigation into disgusting gross GOP Florida Man Rep. Matt Gaetz. We feel like the last major update we got was in August, maybe? In that update, we learned that Gaetz's wingman Joel Greenberg — who has been cooperating with the feds since at least the spring, when he pleaded guilty to six federal charges, and maybe quite a bit longer than that — was "steadily providing information and handing over potential evidence that could implicate the Florida congressman and others in the sprawling probe," according to ABC News.

There were other details in that report, but you don't want to read them, it's too early in the morning. But hey, if you want to read text messages where Greenberg is chatting up women to negotiate "allowances" for hanging out with his "friend" and yeah just ugh nope.

The news from yesterday is that Greenberg's lawyer asked the judge to delay his sentencing until March so he can cooperate a whole lot more, and prosecutors were fine with that. Greenberg was supposed to be sentenced in November, but we guess he's got more than just another month of cooperation in him. So that should be comforting news for Gaetz!

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