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Attempted Whitmer Kidnappers Were Gun-Rally-Attending Boogaloo Boys

And we've come to expect so much from Michigan-based militias.

At a Second Amendment rally on June 18, an FBI informant recorded attempted kidnapper Adam Fox talking to fellow attempted kidnapper Ty Garbin about his desire to join forces with Garbin's militia in order to overthrow the government of Michigan. But as it turns out, they weren't the only ones there.

Also in attendance were twin brothers Michael and William Null of Shelbyville, Michigan, two of the 13 men arrested in the plot. They were each charged with providing material support for terrorist acts and possessing a gun in the commission of a felony.

So, just to be clear here — they were at the Michigan Capitol building agitating for their right to own guns. Guns they planned to use to overthrow Michigan and later use to kidnap the governor of Michigan. That was the right they were fighting for. They believe that they, the kind of people who would get involved with a domestic terror plot, should really have the right to carry guns around with them wherever they go.

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Patriot Grifter WALL Guy Brian Kolfage Building Army Of Death-Threating Trolls

He seems terrible!

Remember Brian Kolfage, the triple-amputee Iraq veteran who raised an assload of money to help Donald Trump build WALL, then found out that wasn't legal, so he created a nonprofit called "We Build the Wall" (incorrectly spelled with some lowercase letters) to put up WALL on private land? The group managed to put up two sections of WALL that are wholly separate from Donald Trump's beloved project, which border-crossers can craftily avoid by going around them, and one of the WALL sections may get eated by the Rio Grande but lots of wingnut patriots think Kolfage is maybe the third greatest American ever, after Donald Trump and Alex Jones. Too bad he and one of his partners, Steve Bannon, got charged by the feds with defrauding their donors by allegedly taking a lot of that money and spending it on themselves, presumably to reward their own patriotism.

In a follow-up story to their earlier joint reporting on just how shitty and fally-downy the Texas section of WALL is, ProPublica and the Texas Tribune recently reported on Kolfage's other fun hobby, which is sending an army of social media followers after anyone who speaks ill of him. Kolfage's supporters know he is American Patriotism personified, so anyone who opposes his WALL is clearly an enemy of the USA. And how's this for fun? The reporters found that while Kolfage has personally been banned by Facebook, he's still able to lead his online brigades through a "fan page" that he supposedly can't access because it's run by his wife. Yet somehow, people are still informed who their enemies are! Like particularly anyone in the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, which is pursuing the fraud case and is obviously part of the Deep State.

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Trump Retweets Story About Trump Fan Who Voter Frauded To See If Voter Fraud Is Real. Guess It Is!


Yet another Donald Trump supporter, this time a bona fide Florida Man, has attempted ballot fraud, just to check to see if the voting system is secure. The amateur investigator, one Larry Wiggins of Manatee County, sent in an absentee ballot request for his late wife Ursula, who died in 2018, and the system worked exactly as it should: County election officials saw that the late Mrs. Wiggins had been removed from the voter rolls, and saw the signature on the ballot application didn't match one on file, so they contacted law enforcement. A deputy arrested Wiggins last week, and after being booked on one count of requesting an absentee ballot on behalf of another elector, a third-degree felony, Wiggins was released.

Wiggins, a "self-described Democrat who supports President Donald Trump," told WFLA-TV he was worried about ballot integrity, you see, presumably since Donald Trump says mail-in ballots are an invitation to fraud.

"I heard so much about ballots being sent in and people just having found them in different places," said Mr. Wiggins. "I feel like I haven't done anything wrong."

The 62 year-old said he was just testing Florida's voting system.

It works! He couldn't get away with attempted voter fraud, which should be a great relief to people worried about voter fraud.

Aw, don't be ridiculous! Donald Trump saw a story about Wiggins and retweeted it, because look at the fraud! (Which didn't lead to a fake vote at all, because ballot security really is a thing.)

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White House

DHS Officials Advised To Be Nice When Talking About Kenosha Shooter, Who Had A Rough Day

Kids make mistakes, you know?

Young people have a hard time making sense of this crazy old world, so it's only reasonable that the Department of Homeland Security would distribute talking points to officials that emphasized the sympathetic side of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged with murdering two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. NBC News says it obtained briefing documents that instructed officials speaking to the media to put an understanding spin on the young man who traveled from his home in Illinois with a semiautomatic rifle across state lines to Kenosha to play vigilante.

Or as the talking points put it, Rittenhouse "took his rifle to the scene of the rioting to help defend small business owners." What a public-spirited fellow! NBC News is careful to note that it's "unclear whether any of the talking points originated at the White House or within Homeland Security's own press office."

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