Duggars Want Judge To Know What A Swell Guy He's About To Sentence For Having Child Sex Abuse Pix

Simply the best!

Last April, noted reality television Christian family man/child molester Josh Duggar was arrested on federal charges of possessing tons of images of children, including toddlers, being sexually abused. In December, he was convicted by a jury of his peers in Arkansas who somehow just did not buy the idea that someone had secretly replaced all of the Psalms and pictures of Precious Moments figurines and other wholesome things on his computer with explicit images of child sexual abuse.

Duggar is facing sentencing on May 25, and federal prosecutors are asking that he get 20 years in prison for his crime. The Duggar family, however, is asking that he get five years. In hopes of convincing Judge Timothy L. Brooks to be lenient in his sentencing, both Michelle (Josh's mother) and Anna Duggar (his wife) have submitted letters testifying to his wonderful character.

Unsurprisingly, they are pretty nauseating. Let's start with the letter from his mama Michelle.

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State/Local Politics

GOP Rep. Pals Around With Actual Child Predator While Accusing Teachers Of 'Grooming'

We're not Chris Hansen with NBC, but Rep. Mary Miller can take a seat.

Illinois Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller is very concerned about "the children."

On January 6, 2021, she stood at the rally outside the US Capitol and said, "Hitler was right about one thing, 'whoever has the youth has the future,'" which managed to be one of the few standout moments that day other than the large group of people literally trying to overthrow the government because the election did not go their way.

Rep. Miller has a lot of strong opinions about the youth of our country. She is very concerned about teachers "sexualizing" children by informing them of the existence of LGBTQ people and wishes to see this rectified by bringing "God" back into our schools. In February of this year, she told Candace Owens at CPAC that she saw this "threat" coming, saying, "We need to tell our kids that we're created by God, they have a gift, they have a purpose, and put that back in the public schools as a foundation," even though that is illegal.

Illinois Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller's good buddy Bradley Graven is also very concerned about "the children," albeit in a somewhat different way.

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Right Wing Extremism

Why Can't You Pro-Choice Rioters Be Peaceful, And Just Murder Doctors Like The 'Pro-Life' Folks?

Sarah Palin's ghostwriter is back, baby!

Rebecca Mansour, the senior editor-at-large for Breitbart and former ghostwriter for the Palins, tweeted out a fascinating revisionist view of the anti-abortion movement Monday night. She insisted that unlike "the Left," which is always burning down cities and threatening people to get its way, "pro-life" folks are just the most law-abiding, nonviolent people who ever harassed women trying to get mammograms or birth control at Planned Parenthood clinics.

Her four-tweet rhapsody over the absolutely model behavior of the anti-abortion cause closed with a warning that "the Left" will doubtless respond to the expected overturning of Roe v. Wade with "rioting, violence, fear-mongering" and "intimidation tactic[s]," because after all, that's all "the Left" ever does.

Here's Mansour's initial thread, transcribed for easier reading:

The freakout you are witnessing from the left is very instructive. When Roe was handed down 49 years ago, pro-lifers didn’t riot, didn’t call for SCOTUS to be burned down, didn’t threaten the lives of justices, didn’t try to stack the Court.

Pro-lifers (mostly Catholics at first) organized at the grassroots level. They planned an annual peaceful march on Washington. They created crisis pregnancy centers. The got involved in electing politicians.

They passed pro-life legislation. They WORKED WITHIN THE SYSTEM of our Constitutional republic to enact change at the ballot box and in the hearts and minds of their fellow Americans.

If this draft SCOTUS decision holds, then these pro-life Americans (who are now a majority of Americans, I might add) won the right way. And no amount of rioting, violence, fear-mongering, or any other left-wing intimidation tactic can change that.

And yes, Mansour has parts of the history right. The road to eliminating Roe was a decades-long political movement that involved mobilizing rightwing voters, building a political machine that allied the evangelical Right with conservative Catholics — whom Evangelicals had previously considered disloyal threats to America — and creating institutions like the Federalist Society that would educate an army of rightwing lawyers, who could eventually become rightwing federal judges, and here we are.

Of course, Mansour's version misses one or a few hundred things, as others on Twitter went and pointed out.

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God Closes Manhattan DA Trump Investigation Door, Opens Fulton County Grand Jury Window

District Attorney Fani Willis is impaneling her special grand jury.

If you are an American who's been struggling with impatience over these last months, wondering if Donald Trump or anyone else who matters will ever face any consequences for literally attempting to overthrow the US government and the results of a free and fair presidential election in 2020 and 2021, you should know something is happening in Atlanta today.

Today a special grand jury is being impaneled in Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis's investigation into Trump's efforts to overturn the election in Georgia. And y'all, they shut down traffic downtown around the Fulton County Justice Center Complex for this. Basically they're telling people that unless you're being called for jury duty for this, stay away if you can.

"We are treating it just like any other big event that the city and county have been able to host over the years, whether it be the Super Bowl or NCAA," Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat said when asked about security measures during the grand jury selection.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains that this special grand jury will have 23 people plus three alternates, can sit for up to a year, and is different from a regular grand jury in that they can't issue indictments, but rather will make recommendations. If Willis then wants indictments, she'll have to go to a regular grand jury to get those. This special grand jury also has subpoena power, which is good, as fully 30 witnesses have refused to voluntarily testify in Willis's investigation. (She's talked to 50 people so far. She says there are another 60-ish on her list. This is a big investigation.)

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