Crimson Cry: Court OKs Alabama ban on Sex Toys

allamericanchaps.jpgWhen we first read, "sexually frustrated red state Alabamians will have to resort to sex with their husbands due to new anti sex toy legislation," we thought there was breaking news about the home of the Crimson Tide legalizing gay marriage. Unfortunately, our instincts were wrong...'Bama is now Dildo-Free thanks to a Federal Court approving the state's sex-toy ban.

With the slippery slope of big government intrusion into lives, I would warn Alabaman bullkeepers and Cowboys to stock up on their whips and chaps before this goes any further.

Alabama: Dildo-free zone [Ledge of Liberty]

Federal Court OKs Ban on Sale of Sex Toys [AP/Yahoo]

Alabama Sex Toy Ban [Fleshbot - NSFW]

[Motor Montenegro]


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