Crisis at Paultard Central!

paultardsNH.jpgIt's based on this sentence in a morning AP report about the new Jan. 6 Fox News Presidential Forum for Republicans: "Participating in the forum will be Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson." Any batshit crazy candidates missing from that roster? Mmhmm. The Paultards are livid, so livid that it seems the official campaign is trying to shut them up via Daily Paul. Good motherfucking luck.

A Paultard leader on Daily Paul claims to have spoken to the campaign chairman to get the skinny on the Forum. It's nice to know that this grand poombah Paultard can write professionally. Or not:

I just spoke to KENT SNYDER the Campaign's CHAIRMAN, and top person in Virginia, on the phone.... The AP article DID NOT SAY IN THEIR PIECE ANYTHING about 'excluding' anyone, but two bloggers on the web interpreted it that way. These two bloggers were not our friends and simply wished it were so, and thus wrote that 'opinion' based on the AP article that listed who WAS coming.

And wrap your mouth around this one:

Also, if any of you got email from a "John Swallow", he is a volunteer and was likely repeating what he'd also read on the internet. HE DID NOT GET THAT FROM OFFICIAL - not Kent, Lew or anyone. Did it say anything about 'staffer X just told me' or the like? NO. It was a poorly written and very unprofessional email by the way, and offered NOTHING to substantiate his claim. It even said it was UNOFFICIAL at the bottom! (emphases ours)

Now the campaign people are begging the Paultards to stop flooding the New Hampshire GOP HQ lines. Well, that probably won't happen, but they may crash their blimp into the HQ building. Which might also get the message across.



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