Crooks And Swine Flu, Coast To Coast And Round The World

  • The take-home from yesterday's town halls: if you're a politician who doesn't want to look like an asshole, don't "wade into the audience" where deranged ignoramuses can deliver their spittle-flecked speeches to your face. [Midwest Voices]
  • The Islamic militant believed to have planned near-simultaneous bombings in Jakarta last month is still on the loose. [Reuters]
  • Children in Mumbai won't have to go to school due to swine flu closings (yay!) but all the movie theaters are closed, too (boo!), so they might as well just sit around and give each other swine flu, for sport. [Bloomberg]
  • The New York Times does not bury the lede when it comes to horrific accounts of gang rape in the Congo. [NYT]
  • Pirates, gangsters, Russian nuclear submarines, submarines, international intrigue ... catch the excitement somewhere in or around the Arctic Sea! (Which is the name of a ship off Portugal or somewhere.) [Telegraph]
  • A woman allegedly tried to extort $10 million from former Celtics coach and current University of Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino after he allegedly raped her, but so far the only crime under investigation is the extortion one. [Louisville Courier-Journal]

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