Crops Rotting In Georgia Since Illegal Alien Farm Workers Fled State

Crops Rotting In Georgia Since Illegal Alien Farm Workers Fled State

WHOOPS: Georgia's legal promiseto crucify any illegal immigrants it could get its hands on did, in fact, have the intended effect of scaring away the state's undocumented workers. So, lo and behold, there are no workers left to harvest all of the state's crops. Is America ready for forced labor again? Maybe this will solve the obesity epidemic? Georgia farmers are currently 11,000 workers short, and a failure to fill the ranks will cripple the state agricultural industry. Haha, there will be no food, this will solve the obesity problem, too! 

The state has been trying to encourage some of the state's unemployed probationers to join chain gangs harvest crews before ALL the crops rot in the fields, but probationers have not so far worked as quickly or as hard as the space aliens do with their magical powers.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

In response, Deal proposes that farmers try to hire the 2,000 unemployed criminal probationers estimated to live in southwest Georgia. Somehow, I suspect that would not be a partnership made in heaven for either party.

As an editorial in the Valdosta Daily Times notes, “Maybe this should have been prepared for, with farmers’ input. Maybe the state should have discussed the ramifications with those directly affected. Maybe the immigration issue is not as easy as ’send them home,’ but is a far more complex one in that maybe Georgia needs them, relies on them, and cannot successfully support the state’s No. 1 economic engine without them.”

Woah woah woah hey let's not get all "this is a complicated issue" here. Space aliens are stealing jobs, remember? STEALING. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


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