Crown Prince Of The Paultards Raising Hella Cash


Paultards were so sad when their Hobbit-King, Ron Paul, finally quit running for President sometime earlier this year. They had nobody to whom they could send their precious money-bombs of Liberty! Fortunately, his son -- Ayn "Rand" Paul -- is running for Senate in Kentucky, and he raised many moneys yesterday in one of these bombing events.

From August 20:

We’ve raised over $100,000 already today, and it appears things are just getting started.

“The official Rand Paul for Senate website,, reported as of 8:00 a.m. Eastern that the campaign had taken in about $100,000 in Internet donations overnight, bringing the campaign’s total war chest to more than $300,000.”

And holy wow, he's up over $680,000, which is a pretty good haul! Now he can buy himself a proper blimp.

Rand Paul "Money Bomb" Exploding Today [Rand Paul 2010]


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