Cruise Missiles Keep Falling on His Head

Have Hollywood celebrity bashers been saying a little prayer for a return to the glory days of Spring 2003, when proving one's patriotism was as simple as hemorrhaging a thousand-word screed about Sheryl Crow's tshirt? If so, their little prayer has been answered.

Challenged by his producer to take risks, [Burt] Bacharach responded with songs set to hip-hop beats with lyrics, co-written with Tonio K., expressing nostalgia over bygone days and frustration with U.S. political leaders.

Sample lyric?

"Who are these people that keep telling us lies and how did these people get control of our lives and who'll stop the violence 'cause it's out of control? Make 'em stop."

Burt, the Dylanesque urgency of that run-on sentence structure is giving us chills! And that 'em? Very street, and it proves you really mean it. Plus, we dig that your name sounds like "Back Iraq" -- we bet Sean Hannity is popping a vein over that at this very moment. But is there any way you could make it even easier for critics to paint you as a totally fatuous Hollywood nincompoop?

Bacharach sings about his personal reflections on "Where Did It Go?" "It's not like your normal, 'I am angry, I protest' song. There's a groove going on. It's kind of cookin' along on a nice groove. And I'm saying like 'Wow' in the middle, a little bit of a surprise for a statement I wanted to make. It became very heartfelt," said Bacharach, who said he cried doing the vocal.

Ok, thanks!

Pop composer Bacharach pens first lyrics of career [Reuters]


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