Cruise the Think Tanks -- You Might Learn Something!

Cruise the Think Tanks -- You Might Learn Something!

Yes, DC has lots of think tanks and no, no one really knows why they are so special, or if all that highfalutin “thinking” really makes a difference. But some actually have interesting events and oftentimes serve "light refreshments" -- little sandwiches, or maybe off-brand cookies -- and if you’re really lucky they may even serve booze. But you may have to pretend to listen to policy experts.

  • Sunday, April 26: Cultural Tourism DC (which exists because we clearly need more Cleveland sloths clogging the Mall) presents A Look At Two Presidents: Lincoln and Obama. This, and presumably other more noteworthy topics, will be discussed at the Jack Morton Auditorium starting at 4:00PM.
  • Monday, April 27: Nothing like pointing fingers. Financial crisis? That would be the government’s fault. Today at noon, the Heritage Foundation sheds new light on why the government caused you to lose your job, your house, your favorite shirt, and that one pair of glasses you liked.
  • Wednesday, April 29: Civil society leaders discuss the current situation for women in Iraq at the United States Institute of Peace, 3PM. A sobering, but very interesting event.
  • Thursday, April 30: Today marks the 101st day of the Obama administration and think tanks are abuzz, taking time to either reflect (the torture memos! OMG?), examine (maybe all those new jobs could lift people out of poverty! Hooray!) and evaluate (A- for presidency, A+++ for sexiness). Catch events at Brookings, the Center for American Progress, and at Sixth & I Street Synagogue.

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