Crusty Old General Refuses to Help Win War

I am personally gonna shoot that paper-hanging sonuvabitch al-Sadr! - WonketteThe Post revealed last week that at least three separate generals refused the Bush administration's offer to act as "War Czar." The chattiest of these generals has thus far been John J. Sheehan, who gave good quote in last week's story ("The very fundamental issue is, they don't know where the hell they're going"), and today has an entire editorial fleshing out the "they don't know where the hell they're going" angle in more flowery, less Patton-y language.

It really is a shame that Sheehan turned down the job, because he's pretty deft with an inappropriate and anachronistic sports metaphor:

In my view, there are essentially three strategies in play simultaneously.

The first I call "the Woody Hayes basic ground attack," which is basically gaining one yard -- or one city block -- at a time.

If the Bush administration can't convince a General able to use references to long-forgotten college football figures to analyze a bloody quagmire to work with them at solving those quagmires, they're going to have to start looking a little lower down the intellectual ladder. Get ready for War Czar Hannity.

Why I Declined to Serve [WP]


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