Cuba Libre?

* Not running for president, Mike Bloomberg is just leaving the Republican Party for shits and giggles. [NYT, WP]

* Bush prefers some stupid fucking idea he has to real scientific progress. [NYT]

* Echoing his attitude toward his own campaign, John McCain promises not to passively await Castro's demise. [NYT]

* Wyoming's finalist for the open Senate seat is everyone in the state. [The Hill]

* All kinds of people would pay to see Al Franken become a senator from Minnesota. [Roll Call]

* Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is funded by the allowance money of beaten children. [The Hill]

* America likes being lied to -- it's what freedom is all about. [Politico]

* Nevermind carbon emissions - the biggest threat to the environment is Mexicans. [WT]

* Republicans are "the party of law and order" - so long as that law and order is being imposed on brown or poor people. [LAT]

* Maybe Guantanamo will just close itself. [USAT]


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