Post-Racial America

Kellyanne Conway Denies Trump Wants Ethnostate, Asks Whether Reporter Is Hutu Or Tutsi

Say, you know WHO ELSE wanted to know reporters' ethnicity?

Kellyanne Conway had one of her little moments today. When reporter Andrew Feinberg asked her to explain what she thought Donald Trump was getting at with his "go back where you came from" comments, she replied by asking him what his own ethnicity was, as human American people routinely do. Feinberg, who's Jewish, wasn't willing to play her dumb game, so we may never find out what brilliant rhetorical point Conway was trying to set up. Probably something completely innocent and yet profound about how the only thing that defines us is our loyalty to America, as embodied by the Great Man, so shame on Feinberg for ruining it. Some people clearly do not love America.

Here's the video; you may want to wear something with a chin strap so your jaw doesn't drop too far.

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Post-Racial America

AOC And 'The Squad': Focus On Trump's Racist Bullsh*t Policy, Not His Racist Bullsh*t Tweets

It's like they're skilled politicians or something!

(Cute update appended. No, really!) Not long after Donald Trump doubled down on his racist rant telling them to Love Trumpmerica or Leave It, the four Democratic congresswomen Trump would like to run against in 2020 held a presser of their own to remind America Trump's playing a losing game, because he's a loser. Again and again, they pointed out that getting bogged down in the details of Trump's racist tweets is a distraction from the actual harm his policies are doing. And then the media went straight back to discussing the "feud" between Trump and the four first-term Democrats, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib.

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Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For Trump Border Goons Who Abuse Babies For Trump

You know who belongs in jail? US officials who've abused immigrants.

Elizabeth Warren had a little announcement to make at the annual Netroots Nation conference this weekend. Not only does she have a plan for immigration, she also has some plans for those who have broken laws while carrying out Donald Trump's agenda of maximum cruelty toward immigrants. It may involve sending some people to jail, and not for a misdemeanor charge of crossing the border without papers. Tempting though it might be, Warren didn't say she'd take any officials' children away. In the case of Trump himself, there might be something to be said for sentencing to house arrest at Eric Trump's place, which you just know reeks of unwashed socks.

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Trump Doesn't Like Our Asylum Laws, So What Asylum Laws?

Stephen Miller's name isn't on it. But oh, the stench is.

The Trump administration released a new "interim final rule" on asylum today that would effectively end any chance of asylum at the southern border. The rule will be published in the Federal Register tomorrow, and take effect immediately; it would bar asylum applications from anyone "failing to apply for protection from persecution or torture while in a third country through which they transited en route to the United States." Not surprisingly, the ACLU immediately announced plans to challenge the rule in federal court. It's just the latest attempt by the government to ignore international agreements and existing US law, with the goal of sharply limiting even legal immigration and making America whiter. Trump immigration Obersturmbannführer Stephen Miller's name isn't on the document, but it sure reeks of his handiwork.

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Post-Racial America

Mike Pence: The Border IS FINE, Also DEMOCRATS' FAULT

Cartoon dog in flaming room wonders how Pence can think this is fine.

Vice President Mike Pence visited two Border Patrol detention facilities in Texas Friday and declared them perfectly fine, despite the complaints of men in one location who said they'd been caged for 40 days without being allowed to shower. Then Pence complained that CNN hadn't reported accurately on conditions at the border, so chalk up another Mission Accomplished moment.

Pool reporter Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post described conditions in a holding area at the detention center in McAllen, Texas.

Here's some video of the pool's visit to McAllen, with detainees saying they'd been held for up to 45 days, in a facility where migrants are supposed to be held no more than 72 hours.

Border detainees say they haven't showered for 45 days

A bit more detail on that CBP denial:

Michael Banks, the CBP officer in charge of the facility, disputed the narratives shared by the detained migrants. He told reporters all detained people were allowed to shower, but admitted a trailer shower had just been brought onto the premises Thursday, and said some of the men at the facility had not yet had a chance to use it. Because of the lack of shower facilities, Banks estimated some of the men had been forced to go 10 to 20 days without showers.

Ah, well in that case things are probably fine -- after two months of DHS Inspector General's reports detailing overcrowding and sanitation that was so bad that one facility manager described it as a "ticking time bomb," they finally brought in a shower trailer, the day before the Veep showed up.

But don't worry -- this was definitely not a carefully stage-managed border visit, because you see, Pence's office released a statement saying it

specifically instructed CBP to not clean up or sanitize the facility beyond what is routine so the American people could see how serious the crisis at our border is.

Dawsey also noted the VP's office said Pence magnanimously "wanted press to see the McAllen facility," although the Secret Service "had concerns about him going inside." And yet Pence somehow survived -- possibly because he and the reporters were hustled out of the McAllen facility after just 90 seconds.

Mike Pence and Lindsey Graham stare down the North Koreans. Or caged migrants who haven't showered in 40 days.

We like the part where you can see the big Igloo water jugs -- strategically placed outside the cages, because who even knows what those animals would have done if allowed to get water for themselves.

Earlier in the day, Pence visited a family detention facility in Donna, Texas, that has only been open for two months. Conditions there were considerably less crowded; the 800 people being held there constituted well under its maximum capacity.

Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, spoke through translators to children held in a room where they watched Spanish-language cartoons.

Several children nodded "yes" when the vice president asked them if they had enough food and if they were being taken care of; others, however, shook their heads "no" when Pence asked if they had a "place to get cleaned up," according to reports.

The children wore winter jackets and hats indoors because of the air conditioning in the center.

"God bless you," Pence said. "Gracias."

Naturally enough, Pence praised that facility as a bold fresh piece of humanity, because please ignore the lawyers who documented little kids being forced to care for babies, or the DHS inspector General reports documenting overcrowding and poor sanitation, or this:

But Pence had a nice visit to Teresienstadt on the Border, where everything was lovely, just lovely!

"And while we hear some Democrats in Washington DC referring to US Customs and Border facilities as 'concentration camps', what we saw today was a facility that is providing care that every American would be proud of," Pence said.

After "touring" the McAllen facility for a minute and a half (fine, he probably saw other parts where there were no smelly Central Americans, too), Pence explained it was all Democrats' fault that CNN only showed video of his 90 Seconds Over McAllen Friday night, instead of also showing the better camp. On Twitter, Pence huffed, "These men were in a temporary holding area because Democrats in Congress have refused to fund additional bed space." (That would be the funding Dems reluctantly approved two weeks back because Republicans refused to let the money come with "strings" about minimum standards of care for imprisoned children.) Oh, Pence was MAD!

Shame on CNN! SHAME! Also, here's CNN's video of Pence's visit to the family detention camp and the one in McAllen.

Pence also explained that while the facility was a tad overcrowded, that's just the way things go, and also Democrats' fault:

"What you saw today was a very clean facility where people were being detained indoors," he said, "and then you saw a temporary facility that was constructed because this facility is overcrowded.

"And we can't keep people in a cell beyond what the rules and regulations allow for, but everyone in that temporary facility is getting healthcare, they're getting hygiene and CBP is doing their level best in an overcrowded environment and a difficult environment to address this issue, but Congress has got to act."

Honestly, the people wearing surgical masks to keep some of the stench out are SO BRAVE, keeping America safe (and the water jugs on the AMERICAN side of the fencing).

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro told Pence to get stuffed, because it's not CNN that has insisted that every single asylum seeker be jailed forever.

But please, listen to Mike Pence, who believes the horrors at the border simultaneously don't exist, and are also the fault of Democrats who stubbornly refuse to eliminate asylum like Pence and Trump want. You certainly wouldn't want to listen to Friday's' congressional testimony from Elora Mukherjee, a law professor at Columbia University who was one of the attorneys who interviewed children held at the Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas. In testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Mukherje said the children hadn't been bathed, and reeked of urine, vomit, and sometimes of rancid breast milk, making it difficult even for lawyers on her team to get close to them. She said one 6-year-old boy just sat for nearly an hour and sobbed during his interview.

Children could not wash their hands with soap because none was available, she said, her voice cracking. They wore the same clothes on them when they crossed the border and were not able to change underwear. Children were traumatized, hungry and constantly crying. Others, as young as 8 years old, were forced to care for the younger ones.

A guard would come into a cell with a small child in tow, and ask: "Who is going to care for this one?" Mukherjee told lawmakers.

"One 6-year-old girl, detained all alone could only say: 'I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared,' over and over again," the professor said. "She could not even tell me her name."

As of this morning, Trump has not yet told Mukherjee to go back where she came from.

Then again, the hearings were held by Democrats, so none of that probably ever happened. Donald Trump said before Pence's trip that reports of mistreatment of migrant kids were "phony," so that seems like a valid counterpoint. Also too, Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, went on the Sunday shows to explain it's ridiculous to consider the conditions in the border facilities any kind of human rights problem:

Get back to the administration when it starts withholding food, and we're sure Cuccinelli will explain everything's fine, because we're still letting them breathe, aren't we? Not that we have to -- they're illegal, after all.

[Guardian / NYT / Vox / Courthouse News / HuffPo]

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Post-Racial America

Beto O'Rourke Has Slave-Owning Ancestors, Weirdly Does Not Blame Obama

Beto is no Mitch McConnell.

Beto O'Rourke is not Mitch McConnell. You can tell by the lack of horns and cloven hooves. When it was revealed last week that McConnell's ancestors owned slaves, the Senate majority leader tried to blame Barack Obama for having made being descended from slave owners cool in the first place. However, O'Rourke has confronted his own shameful inheritance like an actual human being.

O'Rourke posted on Medium Sunday that his paternal great-great-great grandfather, Andrew Cowan Jasper, held two women, Rose and Eliza, in bondage. His maternal great-great-great grandfather, Frederick Williams, "most likely" owned slaved in the 1860s. O'Rourke's wife, Amy, also had a slave-owning ancestor, according to personal records, and another one who served in the Confederate army.

The point of the post wasn't just to "fess up" and move on. Unlike McConnell, who wonders why you keep bringing up "old shit," O'Rourke understands that the present is greatly informed by the past, and we can't truly move forward if we just ignore what's always behind us.

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Post-Racial America

Candace Owens Has Seen Real Racism And It's Ayanna Pressley & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The sister is dumb.

Candace Owens is the most embarrassing black woman alive. She's also desperate for attention. She saw an opportunity to scare up some this week when Rep. Ayanna Pressley snatched the wig off Kellyanne Conway and made her eat it.


Nothing sums up whatever it is Conway's paid to do better than "distraction." It's her entire job description. She distracts from serious inquiries about the Trump administration's latest foul deed with circuitious doublespeak and outright lies. Accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of having a "cat fight" with new women representatives is deliberating trading on sexist tropes to distract people from Trump's concentration camps. Pressley wasn't here for it. We love Pressley, but we actually like black people who are fierce and clever. Owens is neither. She called Pressley's tweet "ghetto, stupid and racist." When she reflexively dismisses black vernacular as "street talk," she sounds a lot like Laura Ingraham, who called LeBron James "barely intelligible." This is fitting because Owens likely fashions herself as a younger, dumber Ingraham.

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Ahead Of ICE Raids, Nancy Pelosi Says KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!


With mass arrests of immigrants apparently going forward this weekend, immigration rights groups are ramping up efforts to advise immigrant communities that they have legal rights and don't have to open the door to ICE unless the officers have a warrant from a judge. This really pisses off law-and-order types, because how can you have any order if people know their "rights" under the law? After all, "rights" are for people like national security advisers who weren't explicitly warned that lying to the FBI is a crime.

Now the wingnuts have another thing to freak out about, and it is a little thing called "Nancy Pelosi."

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Culture Wars

Meet The Commanders Of Mike Pompeo's God Hates Fags Commission On 'Human Rights'!

Yes, there is an Aunt Lydia too. In fact, she is the boss!

Since everything is hell now, and terrible, disgusting and/or heartbreaking news comes out of Washington about a thousand times a minute, you might not have heard about Secretary of State Jesus-Willikers McWestboroBaptist and his new international commission on human rights. Doesn't that sound nice? Human rights are a great thing! And Mike Pompeo's new commission is focused on "unalienable rights," and we certainly agree, we don't want any Sigourney Weaver aliens mucking around in our human rights!

Pompeo explained earlier this week, when he officially announced the Commission on Unalienable Rights:

The commission is composed of human rights experts, philosophers, and activists, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of varied background and beliefs, who will provide me with advice on human rights grounded in our nation's founding principles and the principles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

That sounds just great, but this is Mike Pompeo, so you are probably wondering where the fundamentalist Christian Jesus Hitler poison is. Perhaps this line will give you a clue?

As human rights claims have proliferated, some claims have come into tension with one another, provoking questions and clashes about which rights are entitled to gain respect. Nation-states and international institutions remain confused about their respective responsibilities concerning human rights.

Human rights clashing with other human rights, whatever (gay) could he possibly (gay) mean? (He means God Hates Fags. And also women.)

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Hi Here's A Dem Plan To Not Torture The Children, Can We Do That? Yes? We Can?

A little gift to all the 2020 presidential candidates.

The New York Times reports today that the Trump administration plans to start those mass deportations of immigrants that the "president" delayed after tweeting about them and spoiling the surprise. In typical Trump fashion, the final details of the operation "remain in flux" and Homeland Security officials worry it could be a PR nightmare if American-born children of undocumented migrants are scooped up too -- not that Trump cares about either bad public relations or anyone in Puerto Rico. The more cruelty the better, because he believes asylum seekers will only stay away if America becomes a greater nightmare than the countries they're fleeing. It's a bit like deterring refugee ships by setting your own ports on fire and spreading plague among the residents.

As a useful bit of contrast, the Washington Post's Greg Sargent brings us a story on legislation about to be introduced by Sen. Jeff Merkley, the Oregon Democrat who's been a leader in fighting Trump's immigration cruelty, and by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Co-sponsored by over 35 Democratic senators (including the 30 or so running for president), it's a pretty impressive package of proposals. Along with Julián Castro's immigration plan, it should become a blueprint for immigration reform in the post-Trump era. Yes, we need to get to that era first.

As you may recall, Merkley's efforts to inspect a Texas baby jail last summer led the White House to accuse him of loving rapists. He also called on the FBI to investigate Kirstjen Nielsen for lying to Congress about the family separation policy. Merkley and Schumer will introduce legislation aimed at making family separation illegal once and for all, guaranteeing humane treatment of detained immigrants, and addressing asylum claims quickly, with legal support for asylum seekers.

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Glass Half Nice Time: Full 40% Of GOP Say Don't Torture The Little Children Who Come Unto Us

For I was a stranger and you yelled 'USA! USA! USA!' in my face.

Some new polling indicates that when it comes to immigrant kids in horrible conditions, most Republicans are fully in agreement with Fox News and Donald Trump: It's not a problem, because those kids don't belong here in the first place. The poll, by progressive outfits YouGov Blue and Data for Progress, found that while a majority of Americans in its sample think the government should be treating migrant children better, most Republicans take the opposite view -- in harsh terms you don't often see used in polling.

As partial inspiration for the survey, the pollsters point to a statement Brian Kilmeade made last June on "Fox and Friends," during the worst of the babies in cages family separation policy. It was a corker, and not at all atypical of Fox's immigration coverage then or since:

Taking children from their parents was absolutely fine, said Kilmeade, because Donald Trump had to teach the Central American parts of Mexico a lesson in civilization:

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Of Course There's Sexual Abuse In Trump's Concentration Camps. Did You Assume There Wasn't?

You knew these stories were coming. Now they're here.

In case anyone had any illusions that overcrowding and mistreatment of migrant kids in Border Patrol stations was purely a Texas thing, NBC News reported last night on terrible conditions -- including one accusation of sexual assault by a Border Patrol officer -- at the Border Patrol facility in Yuma, Arizona. The "significant incident reports" were filed by case managers with the US Department of Health and Human Services who interviewed children after they were transferred from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for longer-term storage in HHS's also-overcrowded system of shelters.

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Culture Wars

Bill Barr Unrecusing From Investigation Into His Boss's Pedo Pal Epstein, So That's On Brand

Barr has a reputation to uphold, after all.

The corruption proceeds apace! Bill Barr took a break from burning down the Justice Department to fulfill the illegal Census promise Donald Trump made in a shit-tweet to unrecuse himself from the Jeffrey Epstein investigation. This will do wonders to tamp down rampant speculation that Epstein has dirt on every powerful pervert in Washington, including Trump and Bill Clinton!

During his confirmation hearing, Barr responded to a question from Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse about the Epstein case by suggesting he'd be obliged to recuse himself, saying, "Senator, I have to recuse myself from Kirkland & Ellis matters, I am told. And I think Kirkland & Ellis was maybe involved in that case, so I need to sort out exactly what my role can be. I will say that if I'm confirmed I'll make sure your questions are answered on this case."

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Donald Trump THE GREATEST Environmentalist, Everyone Knows That, Mostly Donald Trump

Somebody in the White House thought this was a good idea.

Some Republican consultants looked at just how abysmally Donald Trump's environmental record is polling with Millennials and suburban women, so the White House hosted a bizarre press availability yesterday in which Trump bragged about what a terrific friend of the environment he is. He was accompanied by EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, and by Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, a former oil lobbyist, and they all pretended the Emperor had a beautiful new suit of organically grown hemp clothes, we guess.

The New York Times reports the poll-driven exercise in doublethink appears to have been aimed at reassuring a very tiny slice of voters who don't already have their heads all the way up Trump's tailpipe:

While the numbers showed that Mr. Trump was "never going to get" the type of voter who feels passionately about tackling climate change, a senior administration official who reviewed the polling said, there were moderate voters who liked the president's economic policies and "just want to know that he's being responsible" on environmental issues.

And since they're Trump voters, apparently they're also dumb enough that if he says "Message: I Care" about the environment, then they'll smile and believe it. The White House brought in an appreciative audience, at least -- maybe some interns from the Heartland Institute or some other oil-funded think tank?

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Post-Racial America

Black Birthers Bothering Kamala Harris With Basic Bullsh*t


ADoS: American Descendants of Slavery is a group founded by Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore, and and their agenda ranges from reasonable demands to extreme assholery. A few of the main points: affirmative action solely for ADOS, the Voting Rights Act fixed, SBA loans, infrastructure, an end to mass incarceration, and money for HBCUs. So far, so good. Then they want limits on HB-1 Visas (Um? Hmmm), which matters A LOT to them, also direct cash payments, and most of all, separate categories for Black ADOS, and Black Immigrants. Which leads to Harris, as all roads do.

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Florida Principal Keeps Open Mind On Holocaust, Lets Brain Fall Out

Since when are educators supposed to be all worried about 'facts'?

A Florida high school principal is in hot water for repeatedly telling a parent last year that while his school offers plenty of lessons about the Holocaust, his professional obligation to be "politically neutral" meant he wasn't allowed to come right out and say the Holocaust was an actual historical event, because not everyone believes it was real. Certainly wouldn't want to take a side on basic reality if some people reject it, after all. The principal has since apologized, but the parent is still plenty pissed off for some reason. Seems a pretty silly discussion when all the evidence suggests we've been literally living inside a computer simulation since sometime in 2016.

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