Charlie Kirk Geopolitics Corner: Will China Bomb Taiwan Because Of Vermont Drag Show?


Oh shitfuckdamn, the geopolitical crisis starts NOW, and we hate to say it, but it's the drag queens' fault. Which ones? All of them, obviously, but specifically some drag queens in Vermont at a football game. Pantshitting Christian Right weirdos are upset about it, that much is to be expected, but we didn't realize there was going to be maybe World War 3, but HERE WE ARE.

Charlie Kirk explains, in one of those white cisgender male rants that he imagines comes off far tougher than it does in reality, that the drag queens in Vermont are but one way "transgender garbage" is taking over America and will somehow lead to the Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Don't say it doesn't make sense, it's not supposed to make sense, it's supposed to make white men in the exurbs poop their pants while they shoot guns in the air like pew pew pew!

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Trump Argues For Absolute Right Of Presidents To Loot And Pillage In Copyright Lawsuit

Extremely on brand.

Trump's legal team is tryin' it. Again.

Today's WTF-ery comes to us from the copyright infringement suit filed by one Edmond Grant, AKA Eddy Grant, AKA the guy who did not fucking appreciate having his hit song "Electric Avenue" used without permission in one of Trump's ridiculous campaign videos. Trump tweeted out the video on August 12, 2020, and Twitter yanked the video for copyright infringement within a few hours. Then Twitter yanked Trump himself, and not a moment too soon, so we can't provide you with a link to the video in question. But we actually remember this one because the graphics were so embarrassingly crap — like Thomas the Tank Engine circa 1991, only worse.

Here's a still from one of Trump's briefs.

Get it? Get it? GET IT?

See Trump is a BIG CHOO CHOO TRAIN VROOM, and Biden is just a skinny dude manually pumping himself along the tracks.

Which isn't actually the dumbest thing you'll read in this post, believe it or not.

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Wonkette's Weekend Live Chat Embarks On A World Tour With Kyrsten Sinema!


It's two weeks until Halloween! Have you purchased the candy you'll spend all of November eating because not nearly enough kids showed up at your house? (Also, you probably deliberately bought too many bags of fun-sized Snickers.)

Join Robyn and me for another exciting wrap up of the week's top stories. As always, the curtain rises at 12:30 PT/3:30 ET. See you soon! Once the chat ends, this will magically become your new Open Thread.

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