Cut The Baby In Two

  • Turnout was low for Afghanistan's second-ever presidential election, even though Taliban-related violence was not as awful as some had predicted. [AFP]
  • Hurricane Bill has weakened, like a typical Democrat. [CNN]
  • Ted Kennedy hasn't been around the nation's capital too much these days, owing to brain problems, and now he is trying to make sure that Massachusetts isn't down a vote for too long if he ... "leaves office" sometime in the near future. [Boston Globe]
  • More terror on the high seas, now featuring a collision between an oil-product tanker and a bulk carrier in the Straits of Malacca. [Bloomberg]
  • Government jobs have proven surprisingly recession-resistant, but that trend may not last much longer. [New York Times]
  • Maybe if the Democrats cut up the health care bill into two pieces the Republicans won't notice it's a Socialized Government Takeover of Grandma's Plug! [Wall Street Journal]

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