Daddy, What Do You Think of Lawrence v. Texas?

alitofacebook.jpgI should point out that I have a problem with posting the Facebook profiles of politicians' kids. Do I think Wonkette is acting malevolently by posting them from time to time? Sure. So when a Georgetown student passed along the profile of Laura Alito '10, I decided not to post any pictures of Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito's daughter. And then I saw the above image. Laura, like plenty of undergrads, had a little fun with Facebook's "Relationship Status" category and got "married" to one of her girlfriends. That's funny, because Laura's straight. It's also funny because her dad is Samuel Alito.

So if the SCOTUS uploads mandatory gay weddings in a 5-4 split, you'll know why.

Pierce Bush and Facebook. Need We Say More? [Wonkette]

Laura Alito [Facebook]

-- David Weigel


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