Daily Briefing: 99% Perspiration

* Henry Paulson and Rob Portman have been "unleashed" on Democrats who're loud-mouthing about deficit reduction. [WP]

* Democrats thumping Bible on march to political center. [NYT]

* New "Sportsman's Alliance" conservation group to advocate wildlife habitats be kept as pristine places to stroll about blasting animals with shotguns. [WP]

* Wayne Allard plans the work, works the plan, and marks the wall to count the days til he's just scheduling tee times. [WP, NYT]

* President Bush maintains that law enforcement has the authority to look into exactly when and where terror suspects saved 39 cents on garlic hummus and triscuits. [WP]

* Interior Department Mineral Manager Johnnie Burton isn't quite "perfect at everything." [NYT]

* Condi's looking forward to a threesome next month. [LAT]

* MLK day was inspirational for Russell Simmons, who now has an idea for a great new reality show. [NYT]


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